By breing Forsen’s Minecraft speedrun world record time, xQc has finally won after years of conflict in 2023

The Twitch star, who constantly tries to beat Forsen’s records, is etatic about this accomplishment.

xQc sets new record world for Minecraft speedrun time in 2023 as he beats Forsen, video goes viral

Following Forsen’s new record-breing time of 20 minutes and 38 seconds earlier this year, xQc was able to reclaim his title as the best. At 20 minutes and 5 seconds, xQc’s reduction of 33 seconds broke the previous mark.

But finally, after weeks of attempting, Forsen smashed the record once more by slaying the Ender Dragon in just under 18 minutes, saving a significant amount of time in the process. But now that he has returned, xQc has recaptured his crown.

Exploring the record-breing Minecraft speedrun by xQc

At the 10-hour mark of his broadcast, when xQc spawned on an island, his Minecraft speedrun beat the previous record. He made the decision to explore the seas and came across a ship with 15 pieces of iron and a tonne of food. The former Overwatch pro exclaimed, “Oh, my god! ” as soon as he realised this might be “the run.” “The run could be here. Actually, this is kind of crazy! That is a lot of food. Such a clever entry. I believe I did it literally.”

After a short while, xQc entered the Nether and in less than three minutes discovered a Bastion. Once he had gathered all the necessary materials, he began looking for a fortress. He luckily discovered the building a few streets distant, and after 12 minutes and 41 seconds, he was able to leave the Nether.

The Ninjabrain Bot informed Felix that he had a 100% probability of finding a Stronghold about 524 blocks away during the search for one. He found an entrance in the water, started digging, and soon discovered the Ender Dragon Portal. He reached the last confrontation after only 15 minutes of the run, and in 16 minutes and 38 seconds, he defeated the boss.

Here are some of the reactions

Felix defeats Forsen in a Minecraft speedrun, and the online community’s reaction goes viral. One supporter commented, “Forsen, xQc has beaten your record by 2 minutes.” A different fan posted a meme with the caption, “Omg xqc beat forsen again… back to 3 months of Minecraft.” Another fan added, “Xqc building a house after getting his freedom after he beat Forsen’s record,” beside a video of xQc’s stream.


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