PK Subban, who used to be an NHL All-Star and now works as an analyst for ESPN, is getting fl for ming a rude joke about Lizzo body while covering an NHL playoff game

On Tuesday night, Subban and his co-host, John Buccigross, were talking about Game 1 of the Panthers vs. Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Playoff series on ESPN.

Buccigross said that Toronto should “pack a lunch” after losing 4-2. Subban agreed with the comment and then took a cheap shot at the “Truth Hurts” singer.

PK Subban body shames Lizzo on live TV with crass comment, video goes viral

“Maybe they need to pack a Lizzo-sized lunch,” Subban said, ming a clear reference to Lizzo’s size. People were angry about the comments right away on social media, and many people asked the former New Jersey Devils centre to apologise for them. Some people on Twitter said that ESPN’s top hockey reporter should be punished for what he said.

P K Subban ‘s comment sparks conversation about body shaming

Lizzo, known for her body positivity, has previously spoken out against body bashing. Although she has not yet responded to Subban’s comments, this is not the first time someone has called her out about her body. Just last year, she spoke out against people who have her “motherf****** name in their motherf****** mouth” after Kanye West had spoken about her during an interview with Tucker Carlson.

P K Subban’s comments have started a larger conversation about body shaming and the part that public figures play in spreading harmful stereotypes. Some people on social media have supported Subban, saying that his comment was just a joke. However, others have pointed out that it’s never okay to me fun of someone’s body, no matter what the situation is.

P K Subban and ESPN have yet to address the controversy

So far, neither P K Subban nor ESPN has said anything about the situation. But a lot of people online want Subban to apologise and want ESPN to do something about it. Even though Subban may have been joking, his comment has hurt a lot of people and is a good lesson that body shaming has no place in our society.

As a former pro athlete and current sports commentator, P K Subban has a duty to show his fans and watchers how to act in a good way. Even though it’s reasonable that he might have said something wrong in the heat of the moment, it’s important that he owns up to what he did and apologises to Lizzo and anyone else he might have hurt with his words.

At the end of the day, no matter how different we are, we all have to treat each other with kindness and care. Body shaming is never okay, and we all need to do our part to me the world more accepting and open to everyone.


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