Korean Movies Online with English Subtitles

Wondering where to watch Korean Movies Online with English Subtitles? We got you covered with 10 different websites that are completely free and won’t cause any trouble.

Watching Korean movies can get frustrating sometimes with the need for more resources. And even with your limited resources, most of them could lead to a dead end. Or worse, put some viruses in your computer or the device you’re using to stream.

We heard you, and we came up with a list that has been tried and tested before putting it on the list. Here are the top 10 websites where you can watch Korean movies online with English subtitles.

The best part is that they won’t put any viruses on your computer or fluff.

Let’s not waste time and get right into it.

Site Names:Amount of Ads
VikiAds before or after watching the movie
OneTouch TVMinimal
Tubi TvMinimal
KissKhLittle to no ads
Asian CrushModerate, zero ads with premium subscription.

1. KissAsian

This is the go-to website for many people for Kdramas. The website regularly updates the movie and series list, so you will likely find the most recent Korean film here.

KissAsian is excellent for anyone who wants to get into the Kdrama world without hassle. The website is completely free and safe. Although many pop-up ads come now and then, it is a small price we have to pay for our enjoyment.

KissAsian might be banned in some countries; if it’s prohibited in others, don’t worry. Use a VPN, change the country to a country where the website is available, and you’re good to go.

2. Viki

Viki is a great website to watch Kdramas on. The English subtitles are crystal clear with no time delay, and the streaming quality has little to no buffering.

Suppose you hate when pop-ups appear every 5 minutes while watching a movie. In that case, Viki has the least pop-ups making it one of the best websites to watch Korean movies online with English subtitles.

Viki also has many languages for subtitles available. If English is not your first language, you can also use German or Portuguese subtitles. Users can create a Viki account for the most advantage.

3. OneTouch TV

Another website with minimal ads. You will love this website if you want a break from the ads. The website is minimal and can easily be figured out without any hassle.

Unlike some websites, you won’t be redirected to another page because of an annoying ad while clicking anything. However, you will see a couple of ads considering it is a free website before or after you’re done watching the movie.

You can also watch Asian movies from India, Indonesia, Taiwan, etc., from this website. The only con of this website is the limited video quality. You can watch only the 1080p video format. However, it shouldn’t be much of a problem as 1080p is clear enough for most people; unless you can’t watch anything without 4k, you’re good to go.

4. Tubi TV

Tubi is considered a “movie library,” considering its vast options. With over 40,000 movies and series available, you surely won’t be bored using Tubi.

The site has good customer reviews and is a favorite of many. You can customize the English subtitle font while watching anything in Tubi.

Tubi has parental control, so you will know and can set up which shows your kids will watch. The website has minimal ads, so you won’t be left frustrated. The only con of the platform might be that some movies or shows are limited to 1080p or 720p video quality.

5. ViewAsian

ViewAsian is another option to watch Korean movies online with English subtitles. You can playback your movie or show at any speed you want. 

The website has English subtitles; the best part is you can download from the site and save it offline for your usage. One downside of the website is that it has frequent ads.

6. KShow

This site is free from hassle and has updated Asian dramas. You can watch it anywhere, anytime.

The startup is straightforward and makes it accessible to everyone with infrequent ads. You can watch KShow from any platform, mobile or pc if you want.

7. KissKh

If you want a sleek website with little to no ads, KissKh is the one for you. This website is free and has high-quality movies and shows for you to watch online with English subtitles.

They also have their app, so if you want to stream from mobile devices, you can download their app. Like any app or website, you will have access to more features if you create an account.

You can also download and save any movie you want to the device you are using to watch the shows. If you ask us, we say it is a win.

8. SolarMovie

Not only Asian movies or shows, but you will also get movies of every genre here. That, too, without causing any trouble.

SolarMovie has a functioning search bar so you can search for any movie you want, including recent releases. You can filter out genres with the ones you like, so you will be recommended only those specific genres of movies.

You have English subtitles with minimum ads, and as there are fewer servers, the pros of the limited servers give high-speed streaming options. All of these are for free.

9. Asian Crush

This website provides very high-quality streaming services. You can watch any genre you like, whether it’s Romance, Action, or Comedy. It has twenty-four genres with recent titles.

This is an excellent alternative if you want infrequent ads and if you want to watch Korean movies online with English subtitles for free. One drawback of the website is that, as it offers high video quality, you might face some buffering or slower playback than the others mentioned in the list.

Asian Crush has a premium option where you can sign up for a subscription that doesn’t cost much and enjoy buffer and ad-less Korean movies.

10. YouTube

Surprised to see good old YouTube here? Don’t be. YouTube has a good collection of Korean Movies, old or new titles.

The best part about YT is that you can play it at any speed and have automated subtitles. This means YouTube will give you subs regardless, even if your Korean movie doesn’t have subtitles.

YouTube is safe and legal, and you can watch the movies in any video quality you want. Hell, some YouTube Kdramas have 8k video quality available. Watching that for free must feel surreal.

Wrapping Up

Korean movies online with English subtitles are entertaining. You shouldn’t be spending twenty minutes of your precious time on finding an excellent website to watch that doesn’t scam you.

We all know how websites trick us into believing we are watching a movie when it’s a trailer of the movie or just another movie. We want you to never fall into those traps again. You deserve qualitative content with no hassle. Hope this post helped you to find your following favorite streaming website or app.

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