Unlucky dads and ex-MMA fighters recently engaged in a crazy brawl at the Bailey Ranch in Owasso, Oklahoma during a game of golf at the Bailey Ranch in Owasso with the fight video viral

Golf course fights are happening more frequently lately.

T.J. Eckert, the sports director at Tulsa’s News Channel 8, tweeted a video earlier this week in which many fighters engaged in a one-sided brawl. Eckert initially uploaded the video with no explanation, only stating that it had been emailed to him. Fortunately, he returned a little later with the tale.

Eckert was informed that the three men who were seen winning the battle had instructed the children who were running around the course to move to the other side of the fence in order to avoid being hit.

Ex-MMA fighters fight during golf game in Bailey Ranch Owasso, video goes viral

After that, a woman who appeared to be one of the moms of the kids shouted at the golfers, warning them that they would get the kids’ fathers to beat them up. Evidently, no due investigation was done since the dads would have probably changed their minds if they had known that the other guys were all former MMA fighters because they took no time in giving them their butts.

If the reasoning is accurate, it’s challenging to feel bad for the dads in the issue. Setting additional men on them probably wasn’t necessary; the golfers were merely trying to prevent children from being struck by stray golf balls.

Before Golfers quarreled violently on the course in Leland, Florida, due to slow play

While playing golf in Leland, Florida, a group of grown men got into a furious argument about playing the game too slowly. We can’t move any faster,” one of them said, while another man could be heard saying, “We can’t go any further,” as one of them was seen throwing his golf club to the ground and rushing towards another man who was questioning him.

There was pushing and kicking before fists were thrown at Cleveland Heights Golf Club. Clearly delighted, one of the men filming exclaimed, “Dude, we could go viral.” Two more males engaged in a fistfight and said, “Bring it, bi**h,” as they started pounding each other. One man’s attempted kick was blocked, and he fell to the ground.

The guys appeared to have restarted their debate at some point, but it was likely that they were too exhausted to do so.



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