An Arsenal fan was brutally beaten in Newcastle, “traumatising” the children in the area, have a look at the fight video

This horrible scene occurred when Newcastle fans discovered an Arsenal supporter in the home end and attacked him.

In an effort to keep up with their diminishing title hopes, Mikel Arteta’s staff sent the Gunners on a Sunday travel to the North East.

Arsenal fan beaten by Newcastle United fans in St James Park home end, fight video goes viral

With a terrific performance on the pitch and turmoil off it, Martin Odegaard and colleagues won 2-0.

In a video sent to Twitter by the account Away Day Sleepers, an Arsenal supporter could be seen perched on the Milburn Stand.

The person, who was being wrestled to the ground, appeared to have just been discovered by the nearby Toon fans.

The Arsenal supporter stood up as the officials got close by and appeared to be screamed at to “get out” by furious home supporters.

A few moments later, with young children present, the supporter was seen trying to start a heated argument with Toon fans before being hauled down once more from behind.

The entire incident, a child can be heard shouting “dad” nonstop.

Newcastle United FC Fans, the account that posted the footage on Twitter first, asserted that the Arsenal supporter had “thrown bottles around” while upsetting the neighbourhood crowd.

They Tweeted:

The bairns who witnessed this, an Arsenal supporter in the nufc family stand, have been left traumatised.”

The Tweet further continued:

The Arsenal fan was a disgrace and throwing bottles around.”

They then added: “He was winding home fans up and celebrating. One young boy has said he’s not going back.”

Online, several supporters questioned the delay in the arrival of the stewards.

In a different video that has been circulating on social media, Newcastle supporters rather than stewards are seen escorting the spectator to the concourse.

Meanwhile, Arsenal displayed their mettle and persevered through a difficult contest at Newcastle with a 2-0 victory at St. James’ Park to maintain the title race.

In minute 14 of an exciting game played in a furious environment as they remained strong and committed to their values, Martin Odegaard scored a 30-yard goal for Arsenal.

In the second half, an own goal by Fabian Schar guaranteed victory.



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