English teacher Aman Vashishth claimed that he regrets his comments now but that he cannot te them back and that he does not seek to defend his actions as the sir video went viral

What did Aman assert?

Aman Vashishth, a former English instructor at Unacademy, apologised on Friday for disparaging Lord Rama and disparaging the classic Hindu text of the Ramayana. Vashishth stated that he regrets ming the remarks now but that he is unable to te back what he said and does not want to defend his actions.

Aman Vashishth English sir of Careerwill App abuses Lord Ram and Ramayan in viral video

“I have resumed teaching after ting antidepressants for the past two years. I cannot te those comments back, but I sincerely regret what I said since it has caused me a great deal of pain.” He admitted that he shouldn’t have spoken all that.

Additionally, Vashishth stated that he had ceased teaching for two years and had issued numerous sincere apologies. He said, “Those comments were over some video and I regret to have said all that,” delivering an apology over the five-year-old footage. Notably, Vashishth had previously been targeted by Jaipur police at that moment.

Why did Aman seek apology?

This is in response to one of his older videos poking fun at King Dashrath and his wives going viral on social media. “King Dashrath was disappointed because he couldn’t have children. Later, he went to Guru Vashishth, who did a havan and served kheer to King Dashrath’s ladies. The three ladies subsequently revealed their pregnancies, but none of their offspring had faces that resembled King Dashrath,” he remarked, ming fun of the Ramayana event.

Later, he continued, “Nobody in the entire Ramayana was ever happy, and Lord Rama had also lost his one and only source of amusement and diversion after Goddess Sita was kidnapped by Ravana.”

According to reports, Vashishth made this joke during one of his lectures, and the students were heard laughing aloud in response. However, the teacher who has joined the “Careerwill App” tutoring now, according to one of the Twitter users known only as “The Random Indian,” has apologised and asked for forgiveness for the false accusations that went viral.

It’s interesting to note that Aman Vashishth also has a mobile application for teaching English under the name AVS, which stands for “Aman Vashishth Sir.” The most recent update to the app occurred in 2022.



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