Was Kamene Goro Fired From His Job? With Kiss FM behind her, where does she plan to go next? [Net Worth]

No, Kamene Goro was not fired from her job but decided to resign from her position at Radio Africa Group. Kamene Goro didn’t care about her job and would make up reasons to miss her show. Later, her Instagram story showed that she was doing other things when she wasn’t at work.

Just after the news of Kamene Goro’s exit from the show was made public, the audience members of Kiss FM were curious as to whether or not she was terminated from her position by the audience.

On Friday, January 26, 2023, Kamene Goro, who now hosts the breakfast show on Kiss FM, will conduct her last broadcast in that capacity. The station’s management has decided not to extend her contract, which has disclosed additional details about the circumstances behind her departure from the station.

In this article, we will learn about the full professional history of Kamene Goro with Kiss FM, beginning with how it began and ending with how it came to a halt.

The higher-ups from the Radio Africa Group franchise are rumored to have become agitated due to the radio personality, who reportedly made more than 500,000 shillings each month.

After being poached by NRG Radio alongside Andrew Kibe, the two began their careers at Kiss FM on June 14, 2019, shortly after the news of their departure spread like wildfire throughout social media.

Has Kamene Goro Lost His Job?

Upon hearing the news that Kamene Goro is leaving the show, listeners to Kiss FM wonder whether or not she was terminated from her position by the audience.

Michelle Kamene Goro, best known by her stage as Kamene Goro, will depart Radio Africa Group. This company owns Kiss FM, following 3 years of hosting the morning show on that radio station. Kamene Goro is Michelle’s real name.

A sob from Kamene Goro.

In March 2022, Kamene Goro broke down in tears after her mother expressed her deepest birthday wishes.

The departure of the radio host was reportedly precipitated by a fallout, as stated by a source who had a conversation with Kenyans. Thompson Maghana, also known as Oga Obinna, with Kamene were the two individuals who hosted the morning show. On January 19, her devoted following was brokenhearted to learn of her passing.

When questioned by the local news organization about the reports that she was leaving, Kamene responded that she could not see why this would be considered newsworthy. The media personality said that she did not have anything else to contribute; NN questioned how well the announcement of her resignation was going and how it was being received.

She advocated for people to have more regard for the fact that relocating is not always an easy process and to give folks space.

After leaving Kiss FM, what are Kamene Goro’s plans for the future?

After she departed from Kiss FM, Kamene Goro has yet to disclose her plans for the future.

Kiss 100 Kenya said their goodbyes to Kamene Goro as he prepared to leave the show. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

As she started to work at the radio program in early 2019, Kamene has already been educating and entertaining the people that tune in to hear what she has to say by providing them with high-quality information. Kamene showed reluctance to address her forthcoming resignation from the media firm she has considered home for the last 3 years during a phone conversation with Nairobi News.

Kamene feels comfortable working in the media industry. She had the opportunity to try out for a television screen test in the third year of her studies at the University of Nairobi.

This random meeting would prove to be the turning point in her successful career in the media. Kamene had positions as both a journalist and an anchor for the Prime Time news broadcast on the rapidly expanding media company Ebru TV.

How much money does Kamene Goro have in the bank?

Estimates put Kamene Goro’s wealth at a staggering 7.5 million Kenyan Shillings, a significant amount of money.

The well-known media figure is recognized for enjoying an extravagant lifestyle, which gives the impression that she receives a wage that is on par with other people in her position. She has yet to disclose the particulars of her contract, even though there have been various reports indicating that she could be compensated less than her previous presenters, Shaffie Weru and Adelle Onyango.

As is the case with the majority of careers in the media, Kamen’s has been a difficult one. A great number of disagreements have tainted it. On the other hand, most individuals respect her for always being capable of brushing the majority of people aside and proceeding with her job.

Regarding debating various social topics on the show, Kamene is known for adopting a bold and forthright approach. She frequently uses her position to raise awareness about important social issues, such as women’s rights and mental health.

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