Vikram Vedha is an action-thriller film created by Pushkar Gayathri and is based on a novel of the same name written by him. Directed by Pushkar Gayathri and written by Manoj Muntashir, the series focuses on an honest policeman Vikram on a hunt to capture Vedha, a dreaded gangster. Vikram Vedha did average at the box office with a collection of $1,63,50,457 with an investment worth $2,11,98,012.

Viewers loved Vikram Vedha for its strong storyline filled with unpredictable moments. Hrithik and Saif’s performance in Vikram Vedha received praise from the viewers as their performance was phenomenal. The narrative of the film builds the audience up with the captivating setting the makers put together. Vikram Vedha’s cat-and-mouse chase throughout the film held the audience together, waiting for the next twist.

Produced by Sashikanth and Bhushan Kumar, Vikram Vedha stars Saif Ali Khan playing the role of SSP Vikram, the film’s protagonist, Hrithik Roshan playing the role of Vedha, a dreaded gangster, Radhika Apte playing the role of Priya, Vikram’s wife Rohit Saraf playing the role of Shatak Betal, Vedha’s brother Yogita Bihani playing the role of Chanda, Sharib Saraf playing the role of Babloo, Satyadeep Mishra playing the role SSP Abbas, Sudhanva Deshpande as Durendhar, an IG officer, Manuj Sharma playing the role of Dubey, a constable in the lead cast.

Vikram Vedha
Saif Ali Khan As Vikram And Radhika Apte As Priya [Credits: Jio Studios]

The recurring cast of Vikram Vedha consists of Govind Pandey playing the role of Parashuram Pandey, Bhupender Negi playing the role of Giri, a SI, Dev Chauhan playing the role of Prabhakar, an Inspector, Bharat Bhatia playing the role of Parihar, Milind Joshi playing the role of Shukla, a senior lawyer, Vijay Srivastava playing the role Gajju, Saksham Shukla playing the role of Kallu, Chetan Kushawala playing the role of Kallu, Varun Pandey playing the role of Munna, and Samrat Yaduvanshi playing the role Sohail.

Vikram Vedha got its theatrical release on 30 September 2022, and P.S. Vinod did the film’s cinematography.

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Vikram Vedha Ending Explained

The film’s plot centers around Vikram, an SSP, on a chase to catch Vedha, a notorious criminal. The film begins with Vikram killing Vedha’s men in an encounter in Shivgarh. One of the people he shoots in the encounter is a young boy who has no weapon on him. In order to avoid any further investigation, Vikram plants a weapon in the hands of the boy. To create a false justification for the encounter Vikram did, he shoots a police officer’s hand.

As the film moves forward, the audience meets with Vikram’s wife, who works as a professional lawyer. The higher authorities started becoming concerned with Vikram’s method of catching Vedha, and the IG’s support stopped further investigations and quashed any allegations against Vikram. Vikram’s plans to get hold of Vedha to fall through when the dreaded criminal walks into the station to surrender himself. Vedha refuses to speak to any other officers except Vikram, and when he arrives, Vedha begins to tell the story of his life to him.

Vedha begins telling his story to Vedha starting from the time he was no one to what he has become today. Vedha starts by telling Vikram about being a boy when he started working under a Parashuram, a known gangster who didn’t pay much attention to him as he was just a tiny boy. Vedha rose to prominence after rescuing a boy kidnapped by another gangster with Parashuram’s name at stake.

Parashuram and Vedha became close after Vedha rescued the kidnapped boy and saved Parashuram’s reputation. In doing so, he gained a mortal enemy in Ravi, a henchman who was previously close to Parashuram before Vedha came. Everything changed after Vedha returned home to see his brothers hand-marked as punishment for blabbering about Parashuram’s business of weed.

Vedha, infuriated by this incident ready to kill, and from here, the scene jumps cuts to the current scenario of Vikram interrogating Vedha, where Vedha questions Vikram asking him whom he should have killed. Vikram answers Vedha’s query by telling him Babloo was just the weapon, so Vedha should’ve killed the one whose orders Babloo was following. Vedha has the realization that Vikram is a good cop; meanwhile, Priya arrives at the police station to bail Vedha out.

Vikram Vedha
Poster Of Vikram Vedha [Credits: Jio Studios]

Thus the audience is shocked by Vedha’s masterstroke as it is revealed he hired Priya before he surrendered. In a series of events, Vikram realizes Vedha is avenging the death of his brother as in a turn of events, and it is revealed the young unarmed boy Vikram shot in Shivgarh was Vedha’s brother. After Vikram realizes this, he also realizes that the head of the Shivgarh’s operation, Abbas, will be killed by Vedha, which turns out to be true as he finds Abbas lying in his pool of blood.

The film moves forward, and Vikram realizes someone else is behind the killing of Abbas and goes on the search to find the truth. Babloo is revealed to be the real mastermind who bribed Abbas to kill Vedha and end his gang members. Abbas regaining his conscience, decides to help Chanda, Shatak’s lover. The film ends on a cliffhanger with Vikram and Vedha pointing guns against each other.

Was Vedha Killed By Vikram?

As Vikram Vedha ends on a cliffhanger with both of them pointing a gun at each other, thus leaving the audience the wonder whether Vikram killed Vedha or the other way around. The film ends with binary terms of evil and good, with neither of the characters that can be defined as good or bad. On the one hand, to question if Vedha killed Vikram, but thinking from the perspective of a good person, Vikram falls short as he has the blood of an innocent boy on his hands.

In comparison, Vedha, even after being a dreaded gangster, didn’t have the blood of an innocent person on his hands. Meanwhile, if the viewers think from Vikram’s perspective, he isn’t aware of Shatak being an innocent boy. He assumed that Shatak was also an evil person working for Vedha. So, can we hold Vikram at fault for killing an innocent person? If we consider Vedha, he was the epitome of evil as he had killed more than 15 people. Vedha never killed an innocent person, and he followed the concept of one offense receiving one punishment.

Vikram Vedha
Hrithik Roshan as Vedha [Credits: Jio Studios]

Thus Vikram fulfilled Vedha’s book of justice as now Vikram will always carry the guilt of killing an innocent person. So, now the question that arose was whether Vikram killed Vedha as Vikram was an honest police officer with the goal of making justice prevail. Vikram faces a dilemma as he wouldn’t have lived another day if Vedha didn’t save him. Vikram had the same fate as Abbas with Babloo’s plan to end Vikram.

If the viewers go by the concept of good and evil, Vedha has also received his fair share of punishment as he lost his brother and only friend at Vikrams’ hand. Vikram has also formed a soft spot for Vedha as he has been chasing after Vedha for a long time. The reason Vikram entertains and lets Vedha continue with his stories is that he feels a connection with the dreaded gangster.

Another reason was Vikram believed Vedha got punished the day he lost his brother. The film ends with both Vikram and Vedha realizing one cannot survive without the other, which gives the message to the viewers that good cannot survive without evil. Vikram and Vedha both walk out alive in a similar way as Vikram and Vedha’s mythology. 

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