The incident happened at the Vansthali Public School, which is situated in Mayur Vihar’s Phase 3 in Delhi with Hindu students suspended for following their religion

Several Hindu kids here have accused Anoop Rawat, their teacher, of severing the sacred threads fastened to their wrists.

In Delhi, there was a case of a school discriminating against Hindu students. According to reports, school employees ordered kids to clip the holy threads from their wrists and tore the Lord Ram posters. The Hindu students received additional punishment for shouting Jai Shri Ram and wearing til on their foreheads.

Vansthali Public School Delhi and Anoop Rawat tear Lord Ram posters, cut kalawa tied on Hindu students wrists

Students who shouted “Jai Shri Ram” were not permitted to te the test.

Hindu organisations in this instance demonstrated in front of the school. To maintain control of the situation, the police were called to the location. The suspension of the students was lifted following the demonstrations. The holy strands were severed on May 16, 2023. On May 19, 2023, there were tonnes of Lord Ram posters. On May 20, 2023, demonstrations against these incidents were conducted.

The incident happened at the Vansthali Public School, which is situated in Mayur Vihar’s Phase 3. Several Hindu kids here have accused Anoop Rawat, their teacher, of severing the sacred threads fastened to their wrists. The cut threads were disposed of in the trash.

Another teacher, Ravi, is accused by the kids of tearing down a poster of Lord Rama in the classroom and afterwards suspending those who said “Jai Shri Ram.” Nine kids have reportedly been suspended.

On social media, a video of the pupils’ combined grievance has gone viral.

One student claimed that those who shouted “Jai Shri Ram” were made to run 10 laps around the building before being suspended the next day. On social media, a number of chat chats including this occurrence and featured students conversing about the school event have gone viral. In these popular talks, it is mentioned that Ritu is the teacher who assigned the running punishment.

Hindu organisations and parents of students gathered at the school gate to protest when news of the incident spread quickly. They requested that the offending instructors be punished right away and that the suspensions of the kids be lifted. The police team was alerted in response, and they arrived at the location without delay. Schools, Hindu organisations, and parents were some of the groups that the police attempted to arbitrate between. There were some clashes between the two sides at this time. Notably, Rohit Jain serves as managing director and Anuradha Jain serves as principal of Vansthali School, which was established in 2002.

In this instance, The News Titan met with one student who was impacted. The student disclosed that on May 16th, Ravi, the sports teacher, had severed their holy thread (Kalava). On May 19, Anoop, a different sports instructor, entered the room and tore a poster of Lord Ram. Ritu, the third sports instructor, then singled out pupils who yelled “Jai Shri Ram” and made them run laps around the building. The principal of the school verbally suspended these three teachers, according to the student’s further explanation, without issuing a written order. The student added that the suspended students had been given their spots back.

Municipal councilman Munesh also highlighted the dismissal of a teacher from the school in a video that has gained widespread traction and was shot inside the building. Additionally, it was stated that the school’s official mobile number was inoperable. It will be updated in the news once the school version is made available.

The further picture

In the name of Lord Ram, the teachers Ritu, Ravi, and Anoop bullied five students. Teacher Ritu is a Christian, according to the victims’ students. The student asserts that the poster that was on exhibit in class was made for a painting contest. Additionally, it was stated that while other paintings and posters remained intact, the teacher Anoop tore the image of Lord Ram to pieces and put it in the trash, citing a lack of permission to show it.

The offended student claims that Class 10 students’ sacred threads (kalava) were cut, and Class 9 students’ Lord Ram poster was torn. Some pupils said that the accused teachers had previously engaged in comparable behaviour. The student also stated that Ritu, Ravi, and Anoop used to try to talk them out of wearing til.

The student claimed that when the police, media, or Hindu organisations are present, the school personnel behave differently and communicates with the students in a different manner. According to the principal of the school, she was unaware of the occurrence before it happened.

The News Titan attempted to reach DCP East Delhi to inquire about the police response, but the calls were unanswered. We’ll update the news as the police version is made available. However, the school principal assured the offended kids that similar instances wouldn’t occur again. Since the matter is sensitive, the school administration has offered online classes instead of regular offline classes.



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