The 10 Ugliest MLB Players

We start our article with who the top ugliest MLB players are; just know that no one is ugly in the world, and we believe that every species of God’s creation is beautiful.

Now here is the thing, that’s a lie, and that’s what we were taught in school, but the world isn’t a perfect innocent beautiful place. It has ugliness and unbelievably disgusting things.

That means if you are an ugly MLB player, you are an ugly MLB player, and no good word or achievement can change it.

So, don’t feel hesitate for searching about the ugliest MLB players. Let’s start.

1. Maxwel ScherzeStarting Pitche 
2. Jeff SamardzijaPitcher
3. Julio César Urías AcostaPitcher
4. Brett WallaceFirst Baseman 
5. Ezequiel AstacioPitcher
6. Bartolo ColonPitcher
7. John LackeyPitcher
8. Hunter PenceRight Fielder
9. Vicente PadillaPitcher 
10. Jamey CarrollInfielder 

1. Max Scherzer

Position: Pitcher

Team: New York Mets

NameMaxwell Martin Scherzer
Date of Birth July 27, 1984
Birth’s PlaceChesterfield, Missouri
Current AgeAge 38
OccupationProfessional Baseball Starting Pitcher
Net WorthApproximately $120 Million
Weight98 kg
Eye ColorLeft Eye is Brown Right is Blue

Baseball Stats:

Win-Loss Record201-102
Earned Run Average3.11

Max Scherzer, ugly or funny?! That man is more meme materials than any meme template we know of. The man’s smile and wide-open eyes are too creepy to look at. While Scherzer throws balls with his tongue out, he looks like the goblin from Harry Potter.

One most important and beautiful parts of the body are the eyes; people say, “eyes hold the most beauty.” But in the case of Scherzer, eyes made him one of the creepiest MLB players of all time. His right eye is blue, and the other one is brown. Scherzer could make anyone feel uncomfortable just by looking at them.

Whatsoever, Scherzer is one of the best pitchers of all time. He was the world champion in 2019, won All-Star awards 8 times, and was the MLB Strikeout player of 2018.

Fun Fack and Controversy

• Most people don’t know about this, but Scherzer grows up as a Cardinals Fan, even though he never gets to play for them.

• Scherzer has a huge love for puppies. He and his wife Erica have four mixed-breed pups: Rocco, Zou, Rafi, and Bo.

• Here is the thing, Scherzer could live without baseball, but he can’t live without scuba diving, said by himself.

2. Jeff Samardzija

Position: Pitcher 

Teams: San Francisco Giants

NameJeffrey Alan Samardzij
Date of Birth January 23, 1985
Birth’s PlaceMerrillville, Indiana
Current AgeAge 37
Net WorthApproximately $20 Million
Weight106 kg
EthnicitySerbian Descent
Eye ColorNot Available

Baseball Stats:

Win-Loss Record80–10
Earned Run Average4.15

Well, you may disagree with me for putting Jeff Samardzija’s name in the ugliest MLB players list but it is what it is. Here is why he is named by many to be put on the ugliest list.

First of all, the tall giant looked freaking horrible and could scare anyone with his long rough and tumble hairstyle. And secondly, because of his weird beard. Beard must be found very manly and sexy by so many men and women. But a few beards just on the chin could make you look a lot more similar to a goat.

Here, the goat doesn’t represent the greatest of all time. Samardzija literally looks like a dumb goat with his beard.

There is been a very popular saying about Samardzija, you probably know about it that Samardzija should have purchased his career in NFL. First, cause he is amazing at catching touchdowns then he is at getting hitters out. Second, that’s how Samardzija could hide his face behind the mask, and we wouldn’t have to see them.

Samardzija used to play football at the University of Notre Dame before he was selected by Chicago Cubs in 2006 for the MLB draft. Samardzija is two times All-American Wide Receiver, and he became the All-Star player in 2014.

Fun Fact and Controversy

• Samardzija faced huge criticism in 2015 after he got involved in the Royals vs Sox fight during the match. Well, Jeff wasn’t the only one to be ejected from the field, four other players were also ejected alongside him.

3. Julio Urias

Position: Pitcher

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

NameJulio César Urías Acosta
Date of Birth August 12, 1996
Birth’s PlaceCuliacán, Sinaloa, Mexico
Current AgeAge 26
Net worthApproximately $15 Million
Weight102 kg
Eye ColorNot Available

Baseball Stats:

Win-Loss Record49-17
Earned run Average2.82

Julio Urias is the star of the Los Angeles Dodgers, born to make history. He is the first-ever Mexican-born pitcher to win an ERA title, winning the 2020 world cup series championship.

Though with all these trophies and stardom, you just can’t hide your ugliness. Urias is 26 now but if you look at his round shape fat face, you will surely assume that the man hasn’t touched puberty yet. Moreover, there is no hope that in time Urias will look different, we are observing him since he was 19, and not much of a change has been noticed so far.

Here is the funny thing, if you look at Urias’s face he will remind you of lizards cause of His half-closed eye. Man, Urias still had to listen and take so much bullying and harsh talk for his eye, imagine how horrible his school days were!

Even though people considered Urias one of the ugliest baseball players cause of his eye but once you learn the truth behind it you will feel pity for him. Urias had more than 10 surgeries when he was a kid. As a result, his left eye is like this, half open and half closed. Well, no problem with his eye now, can see perfectly, he just looks like a donkey trying hard not to fall asleep.

Fun facts and Controversy

• Urias is born with amazing talent and obviously with good luck. He is the youngest player in MLB history to take part in the All-Star Futures game.

• Urias probably got the best birthday gift ever. He was signed by the Dodgers on his 16 birthday.

4. Brett Wallace

Position: First Baseman

Team: San Diego Padres

NameBrett Alexander Wallace
Date of Birth August 26, 1986
Birth’s PlaceSonoma, California
Current AgeAge 36
OccupationFirst Baseman
Net WorthApproximately $18 Million
Weight118 kg
Eye ColorNot Available

Baseball Stats:

Batting Average.238
Home Runs40
Runs Batted in138

Do you know what I’m thinking? Brett Wallace started his MLB career so that he could be named in our selection, should have put them at the top, then he would surely put his achievements on his CV. Sometimes you just feel sorry for him, Wallace started his career with heavy potential, but he just lost it.

There are so many reasons for saying Wallace is ugly. Every time that man smile, it looks like he got no teeth in his mouth. His facial skin looks like it’s falling from the bones, and it’s burnt off. And let’s not start on his tree trunk’s leg.

Fun Facts and Controversy

• Here is something interesting, several Reddit MLP-based pages announced who is the goofiest-looking player. And Wallace was selected by several pages and got first place in the goofiest-looking competition.

5. Ezequiel Astacio

Position: Pitcher

Team: Houston Astros

NameEzequiel Franklin Astacio
Date of BirthNovember 4, 1979
Birth’s PlaceHato Mayor, Dominican Republic
Current AgeAge 43
Net WorthApproximately $5 Million
Weight90 kg
Eye ColorNot Available

Baseball Stats:

Win-Loss Record5-6
Earned Run Average6.02

How many of you remember the name Ezequiel Astacio? If there are any bosses of ugliness, then nobody could take away the crown from Astacio.

If Darwin’s theory said that people come from gorillas, not from monkeys, then Astacio alone would be enough to prove the theory. Astacio truly looks like a living gorilla with his black face and lips.

Astacio’s face is fully covered with pimples and looks like someone tried to put a fired iron stick on his face. If you suddenly see him, an unwanted unexpected shout will surely come out of your mouth. To be honest, Astacio is scarier looking than ugly.

Astacio had to go through a lot since childhood cause of the horrible-looking face. He has a Dermatology issue which is why Astacio’s face looks like this.

6. Bartolo Colon

Position: Pitcher

Team: Texas Rangers 

NameBartolo Colón
Date of BirthMay 24, 1973
Birth’s PlaceAltamira, Dominican Republic
Current AgeAge 49
Net WorthApproximately $40 Million
Weight129 kg
Eye ColorBlack

Baseball Stats:

Win-Loss Record247–188
Earned Run Average4.12

Remember the characters from Star Wars, Jabba the Hutt? Well, to describe Bartolo Colon, the ideal option is to tell you that Colon is actually a human version of Jabba the Hutt. We get a squeamish feeling just looking at the Hutt, right? You will feel exactly the same just by looking at the gross face of the Colon.

The man’s head is probably the most disgusting figure in the whole body. It reminds me of a melted Dominican candle with hair sprinkled on it. Seeing the shape of the Colon, it feels like man hasn’t put any green vegetables in his food habit since 1987. His turkey neck and mouth are full of such active salivary glands the man won’t need any extra makeup to portray the underworld Batman villain.

Anyway, no matter how ugly the man is he is loved by millions of fans, people absolutely love him for his outstanding performance and funny mood. Colon is undoubtedly one of the great pitchers of his time. He won the All-Star award four times; in 2005, he won the AL Cy Young Award and AL wins leader.

Fun Fact and Controversy

  • Colon is considered the footnote of ugliness in baseball. But does it matter? Cause he gets the nickname Big Sexy.
  • Colon used to pulp thousands of crates of coffee beans to increase his wrist strength.

7. John Lackey

Position: Pitcher 

Team: Anaheim Angels

NameJohn Derran Lackey
Date of BirthOctober 23, 1978
Birth’s PlaceAbilene, Texas
Current AgeAge 44
Net WorthApproximately $60 Million
Weight107 kg
Eye ColorBrown

Baseball Stats:

Win-Loss Record188–147
Earned Run Average3.92

John Lackey just can’t be ignored from our ugliest MLB players list. His wild, greasy hair made him a perfect costume for the caveman. What really makes the man look unattractive and dumb is his too much face chin. There is a popular saying in MLB that Lackey has more chin in his face than his appearance for all-star.

In the case of ugliness, Lackey’s mouth is to blame a lot. Compared to his face, his mouth is truly small. Whenever Lackey talks or shouts or opens his mouth, it feels like the word is not getting enough space to come out of his mouth, and it makes an annoying sound.

Putting beside all this ugliness, Lackey is truly a great player. He has won the World Series Championship three times. In 2007, Lackey won the All-Star player award. He has a win-loss record of 188–147.

Fun Facts and Controversy

• Lackey’s one of the most significant controversies is getting involved with chicken and beers. In 2011 Red Sox gave a very bad performance. Since then, they got the name of the chicken and beer team. The story begins with Lackey, Josh Beckett, and Jon Lester; they used to eat beers, chickens, and biscuits from a clubhouse near Popeye’s.

8. Hunter Pence

Position: Right Fielder 

Team: San Francisco Giants

NameHunter Andrew Pence
Date of BirthApril 13, 1983
Birth’s PlaceFort Worth, Texas
Current AgeAge 39
OccupationRight Fielder
Net worthApproximately $45 Million
Weight98 kg
Eye ColorBlack

Baseball Stats:

Batting Average.297
Home Runs244
Runs batted in942

Thought we will forget to enlist Hunter Pence in the ugliest MLB player record; no way, man. At first glimpse of Pence, what comes first to our mind seeing is this man surely living in the basement of his mom’s boyfriend’s house, watching adults’ videos, and thinking of the weirdest business plans ever. Well, this is exactly what his impression looks like.

Pence had disgusting facial hair and a curly afro-like hairdo; with all these, this man looks like barbaric, got a time machine, and dressed like a civilized person. You know what’s wrong with this man most, besides his hideous looks, is just by seeing the person, you feel like he can’t be trustable; he must be a fraud.

But you know, you know the wise saying- don’t judge a book by its cover; Pence is a four-time All-Star Award winner player. Pence won the World Series Championship game two times. He got his written in the San Francisco Giants Wall of Fame.

Fun facts and Controversy

• Well, a funny thing is Pence doesn’t only look ugly, he also plays ugly. His playing style is not normal and doesn’t fit with the smooth and regular style of baseball. His swings look like a bad neighborhood kid trying to copy the 1920s player.

• Pence is suffering from Scheuermann’s disease, which means he has no flexibility in his thoracic spine. The fun part is, Pence didn’t know about it until he took a physical examination before singed for the Giants in 2013.

•Pence rides an electric scooter to come to the field.

• Whatever people call him ugly, hideous, disgusting, or whatsoever, Pence is quite a famous and popular subject too. Pence got the most playfully mocking signs trend cards.

9. Vicente Padilla

Position: Pitcher

Team: Boston Red Sox

NameVicente de la Cruz Padilla
Date of BirthSeptember 27, 1977
Birth’s PlaceChinandega, Nicaragua
Current AgeAge 45
Net worthApproximately $30 Million
Weight104 kg
Eye ColorBlack

Baseball Stats:

Win-Loss Record108-91
Earned Run Average4.32

You, remember the time when princes kissed a frog, and the frog turned into a man? Have you ever wondered what the man would look like in real life? Vicente Padilla is the giant frog man. If marvel ever made a movie on a frog power, who can pee any time they want, then Padilla would be an unbeatable casting.

To be honest, if you asked me, can I criticize him while he is in front of me, my answer would be, “no way, I love my family and my life.” With his deadly-looking eye and weirdly shaped body, he truly looks like a Russian drug leader.

Padilla has the most deadly look ever. There is a popular saying about the man that he doesn’t deliver a breaking ball. He delivers the death blow. They say such an ugliness combined with seriousness should not be allowed in the mound.

Fun Fact and Controversy

• Padilla faced huge criticism and controversy raised towards his responsibility of taking care of the child when he missed the child support hearing. An arrest warrant was issued against Padilla.

10. Jamey Carroll

Position: Infielder

Team: Kansas City Royals

NameJamey Blake Carroll
Date of BirthFebruary 18, 1974
Birth’s PlaceEvansville, Indiana
Current AgeAge 48
Net WorthApproximately $3 Million
Weight79 kg
Eye ColorNot Available

Baseball Stats:

Batting Average.272
Home Runs13
Runs Batted in265

Well, let’s clap for Jamey Carroll. He finally achieved something by being named in the ugliest MLB players list. That man has a freaky smile and weird looks, and it could make anyone nervous.

Carroll would be the perfect casting for any mentally retarded or serial killer psycho character. Here is the funny thing, with sunglasses on, Carroll looks like he is Matrix and chasing Keanu Reeves.

Above all, Carroll is a fine team player and has always been a great help to the team. He was introduced to Evansville’s Athletic Hall Of Fame In 2004.


Ugliness and beauty vary from person to person in their way of seeing the world. So, our choice of the ugliest MLB players may not completely match yours; it’s because you are probably an ugly-looking person, too(sorry, just kidding). Anyway, if you have anything to say against our choosing bad-looking MLB players, feel free to talk about it and tell me about your selection of the ugliest hideous unattractive MLB players.

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