Top 10 Ugliest AFL Players of All Time

Making a list of attractive athletes is generic and bland, isn’t it? So we spiced it up and made a list of the opposite. Take a step back, relax, and see the ugliest AFL players of all time.

You see, it’s a cruel world. Beauty wins most of the time. A terrible athlete can have many cheering for them just because of their looks. On the other hand, excellent athletes will be criticized because of their looks.

Looks are one of the many things that makes an athlete outstanding from the crowd. A pretty face might even turn someone into a fan of yours. If you watch AFL, you’ll be familiar with many attractive players.

Let’s get started.

Player TeamAFL Years
Damien PeverillEssendon2001-2008
Nat FyfeFremantle2009 to present
Fraser GehrigSt Kilda & West Coast Eagles1995-2008
Ben BrownMelbourne Demons2014 to present
Chad CornesPort Adelaide Football Club & Greater Western Sydney1999-2011
Lewis Roberts-ThomsonSydney Swans2003-2014
Adam GoodesSydney Swans1999-2015
Josh ThurgoodHawthorn2005-2007
Joe DaniherBrisbane Lions & Essendon2012 to present
Bruce DoullCarlton1969-1986

1. Damien Peverill

Damien Peverill
Full nameDamien Peverill
Date of Birth12 July 1979
Birth PlaceAustralia
Age43 years
Weight183 lbs
Career goals32
Net Worth$1.5 million

We’re starting off friendly and easy. Peverill had the potential to be hot, but he just couldn’t get there. The man could look like an 80’s actor, the main male lead the girl falls in love with. But he just didn’t unlock that level of attractiveness.

You can’t even say he was an outstanding athlete. With over 140 games being played, he scored only 32 goals. Mediocre athlete with average looks, I guess.

2. Nat Fyfe

Nat Fyfe 
Full nameNathan Fyfe
Date of Birth18 September 1991
Birth PlaceLake Grace, Australia
Age31 years
Height1.9 m
Weight207 lbs
Career goals209
Net Worth$25 million

Fyfe doesn’t necessarily go under the ugly criteria, but he doesn’t go under the attractive AFL players criteria. We’ll go easy on him. Also, Fyfe is one of the top scorers with a whopping 200+ goals since being drafted in 2009.

Unfortunately, the man looks like he’s in his mid-fifties at age 31. Perhaps the goals and injuries caught up, maybe?

3. Fraser Gehrig

Fraser Gehrig 
Full nameFraser Gehrig
Date of Birth3 March 1976
Birth PlaceSoutheastern Australia
Age46 years
Weight240 lbs
Career goals549
Net Worth$1-5 million

God, where do I start? This man is huge, built like a bear, yet couldn’t be one thing that every athlete should have attractiveness. We’re not telling him to be a model, but his face is enough to either make you scared or be pissed off.

However, don’t let his unattractiveness fool you. This man scored 390 goals in 145 games in his final playing years (2001-2008). If you are an AFL fan, you know how insane his playing is.

4. Ben Brown

Ben Brown
Full nameBenjamin Brown
Date of Birth20 November 1992
Birth PlaceHobart, Australia
Age30 years
Height2.0 m
Weight223 lbs
Career goals342
SpouseHester Mary MacKinnon
Net Worth$1-5 million

Brown looks like he doesn’t have a skincare routine, which is concerning. With pale skin and hair, possibly never brushed before, the guy is gross.

Brown was drafted first in 2014 and was out of the game for some time in 2021 because of his knee surgery. Thankfully, the athlete is playing for Melbourne again. We just need to get him a moisturizer now. Maybe then he’ll get off the ugliest AFL players list.

5. Chad Cornes

Chad Cornes 
Full nameChad Studley Cornes
Date of Birth12 November 1979
Birth PlaceAdelaide, Australia
Age43 years
Weight205 lbs
Career goals549
SpouseMikayla Graetz
Net Worth$1.5 million

Cornes was very fit during his time. But his face was enough to intimidate his fans and many others. Never smiling and quiet. Cornes never had much hair, either.

Cornes is not the best AFL player, but he was good in the 90s and early 2000s. His career in Port Adelaide was alright, scoring 175 goals in 239 matches. Unfortunately, his game was weak in Western Sydney, where he only scored 4 goals in sixteen games.

Cornes is now serving as a coach in his first playing team.

6. Lewis Roberts-Thomson

Lewis Roberts-Thomson
Full NameLewis Roberts-Thomson
Date of Birth8 September 1983
Birth PlaceSydney, Australia
Age39 years
Height1.94 m
Weight202 lbs
Career goals54
SpouseZoe Stenmark
Net Worth$1.5 million

He looks like Sam Claflin, except without any of the actor’s charms or looks. Like an uglier version. Roberts-Thomson wasn’t the best AFL player around.

Honestly, there aren’t any significant highlights of his career, either. With 11 years of playing, the man has scored only 54 goals in 175 games. Roberts-Thomson looked like an athlete with his body but didn’t have the looks or the skills, to say the least.

7. Adam Goodes

Adam Goodes 
Full NameAdam Roy Goodes
Date of Birth8 January 1980
Birth PlaceWallaroo, Australia
Age42 years
Height1.91 m
Weight218 lbs
Career Goals464
SpouseNatalie Croker
Net Worth$1.5 million

God, just no. Goodes, really isn’t it? Goodes is the opposite of attractive, almost repulsive. His hair and beard have the same ratio, just making everything unappealing. 

Keeping his looks aside, Goodes has scored 464 goals in his 16 years of AFL career.  In fact, he has won two premierships. In the Sydney Swans team, he was the fifth player to score the most goals. 

Unfortunately, all that athleticism came with the price of sacrificing his looks.

8. Josh Thurgood

Josh Thurgood 
Full NameJosh Thurgood
Date of Birth5 June 1985
Birth PlaceAustralia
Age37 years
Height1.9 m
Weight154 lbs
Career Goals1
Net Worth$1-5 million

You can’t even look at this man. I mean, there has to be seriously something wrong with him. Thurgood has been voted as one of the most ugliest AFL players of all time.

Everything is so out of order: the hair, the face, the playing. His hair looks like a brush hasn’t touched the hair since he was a toddler, and the face is of a manchild. What’s worse is that Thurgood played thirteen games and scored only one goal.

His pathetic form ended his AFL career within two years of his debut.

9. Joe Daniher

 Joe Daniher 
Full NameJoe Daniher
Date of Birth4 March 1994
Birth PlaceCanberra, Australia
Age28 years
Height2 m
Weight214 lbs
Career Goals276
SpouseAdelle Bougis
Net Worth$1 million

Not the ugliest AFL player compared to some on the list. Daniher has the potential to be very attractive but just isn’t our IT guy yet. The obnoxious mustache has to go in addition to a haircut if he wants to up his attractiveness.

Playing in two significant teams, Joe Daniher has scored over 270 goals in his career and is still going strong.

10. Bruce Doull

Bruce Doull 
Full NameAlexander Bruce Doull
Date of Birth11 September 1950
Birth PlaceGeelong, Australia
Age72 years
Height1.85 m
Weight187 lbs
Career Goals22
Net Worth$65 million

Doull is scary looking intimidating and wasn’t a good investment. The hair and the beard are enough for fans to repel him. He seems like he would take you into a dark alley to hurt you at night. Overall, 9/10 on the ugly scale.

Doul played 356 games in his 17 years of AFL career and scored only 22 goals. We don’t know how else to describe this man and his horrible playing. How do you score that low? The weird part was Carlton still kept Doull after his repetitive performance for 17 years.

Final Thoughts

Before you get angry at us, understand that this post is purely made for fun. We wouldn’t daresay talk about another person’s physical attributes, physical or not.

Let’s be honest; we know you had fun reading about the ugliest AFL players, so let’s keep it that way. You already saw like ten posts about the hot AFL players now. We got eyes on you too.

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