Want to know about Twice’s Mina Myoi net worth? It’s not just music but also her fashion and stylish looks for which she often makes headlines on the internet. Despite being a huge fan, not everyone knows that Mina Myoi is Japanese. Yes, you read that right. However, she is in the Kpop industry, based in South Korea. How much has Mina Myoi earned from her music career? It must be huge, just like most of the other Kpop idols. Before that, let’s briefly discuss Mina Myoi’s prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Mina Myoi joined the Kpop girl group, Twice right at its debut. That was in 2015. Did you listen to her latest song, Bouquet? Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Mina Myoi is now 26 years old, born in 1997. Being a part of Twice, some of its hit singles are- Dance the Night Away, Breakthrough, One More Time, Happy Happy, Moonlight Sunrise, The Feels, and Celebrate. Which one is your favorite? Besides her music career, Mina Myoi also took part in Sixteen. 

Coming back to Mina Myoi’s monetary earnings, she has made the most of it by being a member of Twice. That’s very much evident. However, brand endorsement deals also turn out to be another great source of earning huge, especially for every Kpop idol. But how much is it for Mina Myoi? If you are looking for what Twice’s Mina Myoi net worth is, here is what we know. 

Twice's Mina Myoi Net Worth
Mina Myoi (CC: Pinterest)

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Twice’s Mina Myoi Net Worth: Earnings Revealed 

Talking about her monetary earnings, Twice’s Mina Myoi’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $2.5 million. It’s mainly his music career that earns her the most. Over the years, Mina Myoi’s net worth has increased, and so have the expectations of people from her, individually. Despite going along well with the Kpop group Twice, she took a break for some time. Not to forget to mention, Mina Myoi also missed out on Twice’s World Tour. Why? That was due to her onstage anxiety and fear. But, look at her now. Mina seems to have earned enough confidence and overcome her fears. Now, Mina Myoi’s net worth also gets fueled up by her concerts and tours. 

As mentioned earlier, Mina Myoi’s net worth got added up with a lump sum amount from her endorsement deals. Last year, she became the new muse of Metrocity. In case you are a newbie, it’s a renowned South Korean luxury fashion brand. Not only that, but she also became the global brand ambassador of SK-II. It’s a leading cosmetic brand based in Japan. Want to know more about Twice member Mina Myoi? For her incredible ballet dancing skills, she is called as “Black Swan.” 

Twice's Mina Myoi Net Worth
Mina Myoi is the global brand ambassador of SK-II (CC: Instagram)

With Mina Myoi’s net worth being huge, the Twice member seems to have invested a part in real estate properties. The house where Mina stays is quite luxurious and has well-designed yet minimal-styled aesthetic furniture. With that, Mina is also believed to own expensive cars. We shall update Mina Myoi’s impressive car list soon. 

As we all know, Kpop idols spend millions of money on their looks. No, it’s not just fashionable clothes or briefly any particular style statement. These celebrities even undergo plastic surgery. No, we aren’t talking about Mina Myoi. Well, talking about Mina, she spends a lot on her fashionable accessories. Holding prestigious top positions in different cosmetic brands, she makes sure her skin routine is done well. Also, with Twice’s Mina Myoi net worth being nice, she spends a part on accessories like luxurious bags, shoes, watches, and perfumes. 

Best Wishes to Twice member Mina Myoi. We are eagerly waiting for the group’s next release. You may give Mina Myoi a following on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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