Want to know about Travis Barker then and now? That’s the transformation we are talking about. Well, the Blink-182 drummer has undergone several health scares and injuries to date. To be more precise, he dealt with plane crashes, blood cots, third-degree burns, and whatnot. Fans wonder if Travis’ sufferings brought a change in his appearance. Before getting into that, let’s briefly discuss how much prominent Travis Barker is in the music industry. 

Travis Barker is a versatile music artist, now making fame for his involvement with Blink-182. However, he also collaborated with the rap rock group, Transplants earlier. Last year, he worked with Blackbear and released In Loving Memory. Did you listen to that? It earned a massive success. 

When it comes to Travis Barker’s notable songs, the credits go to Saturday Night, Spazz Out, I Think I’m Okay, A Girl Like You, Drop Dead, Out of Control, etc. Not forget to mention Travis Barker also made a guest appearance on The Kardashians, being romantically involved with Kourtney. That’s understandable, though! 

Coming back to Travis Barker then and now, there have been significant changes. Not only his health issues. Well, several things happened too. Right from being a wild rock person, Travis has now become a punk dad. Don’t you think it is a lot to be noticed? If you are looking for further details about Travis Barker then and now, here is what we know. 

Travis Barker Then And Now
Travis Barker’s health struggles over the years (CC: Metalhead Zone)

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Travis Barker Then And Now: Explained 

Did you know Travis Barker once stopped walking? What? That was due to the plane crash in September 2008. Among those six people on board, only he and  Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein survived. Following that event, Travis suffered third-degree burns. Because of that, the drummer had to opt for surgery. Not just 1, but that was 26 in number. Painful! Also, he stayed at the hospital for three long months under proper treatment, following which he was able to walk again like before. He had several grafts on his feet, which made him unable to run initially after the accident. 

Following the plane crash, Travis Barker was reportedly asked if he opted for rehab. Well, he was disheartened and shocked after losing his friends at that time. That made him stop abusing hard drugs. 

In 2018, Travis Barker got diagnosed with cellulitis, which is a skin infection. The Blink-182 drummer was admitted to hospital as the infection led to blood clots in both arms. Because of the best medical treatment, he recovered quickly. 

Well, things didn’t stop there. Travis Barker also got diagnosed with a serious health issue last year. He had a critical pancreatic drainage tube. It was painful. He was admitted to hospital where he was treated intensively. The experience was scary, as reported by the drummer himself. 

Travis Barker Then And Now
Travis Barker (CC: Boston 25 News)

Even 2023 was not a good start for Travis Barker. In February, he broke his finger, and it was painful. He underwent surgery for that. Also, he uploaded pictures of his X-ray on his social media account, on which his fans poured enough wishes and prayers for his recovery. 

While discussing Travis Barker then and now, we just can’t talk about his health sufferings. Then what? Well, it’s also called for the discussion of Travis’ overall looks. Being a famous music artist, Travis has always been working on his looks. Now, when he is married to Kourtney Kardashian, things get better. 

From the very beginning, Travis Barker has been into tattoos and piercings. Well, if you are his all-time fan, then you must have witnessed that. His love for these two things has been constant. What do you think about Travis Barker then and now? Best Wishes! We are eagerly waiting for Travis’ next musical release. 

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