The Trapped in a Video Game Movie

These are the 7 movies where characters get trapped in video games. It’s a typical myth to see real-life characters trapped by video games, but which movies and TV series do it the best?

An online game could be extremely risky. Some players are transported into a continuous competition of skill and endurance in a high-stakes contest. For others, it’s a battle, and death is coming up. For a select few, it’s an amazing and cathartic escape from the everyday routine.

Here we will discuss trapped in video game movies ranked following their position in the video game film fiction, starting with the absolute worst and ending with rare works of genuine to good quality.

1. Jumanji

Jumanji is the game that is the most played. The film was initially a story about a game you thought you would like to participate in, but it transformed into a movie where characters get trapped in video games. 

Jumanji and its sequel feature an impressive cast of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, and many more.

Similar to the first Jumanji, it’s not simply a matter of beating the levels and taking the title’. 

Once you’ve started playing, it’s impossible to stop. The players must accept their identity while learning important life lessons and becoming more confident in overcoming the terrifying challenges. There was an additional video game based on the film, but it was not as good as it was.

2. Stay Alive

This could be among its genre’s top terrifyingly great horror films, and it’s not even to mention its remarkable creativity. 

Stay Alive blends reality with the virtual in a surprisingly standard idea, following the story of a group of close friends who are forced to try to play a game they’ve never heard of.

It quickly turns into an enthralling matter of life or death. They realize that losing in the game can mean dying in real life in the game itself. This truly terrifying movie, trapped in a video game, is sure to get your heart racing.

3. Free Guy

Free Guy is a movie that everyone will enjoy, not just because of its entertaining cast but also because of how relatable and relatable it is. The film doesn’t have the typical story of a protagonist, but instead a group of NPCs within a game, and boy, is it an adventure. 

Ryan Reynolds spearheads this comedy in the manner he is known for. That is to say, it is the most effective movie where a character is trapped in a video game.

With incredibly constructed characters, life lessons, and fun Easter eggs, people who are not gamers can enjoy this movie worth a sit-down to watch.

4. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is a well-known and highly-preferred manga inspired by an e-book series. The manga has since changed into an animated series and has numerous spin-off films, six games for PC and consoles, and three mobile games. 

The first season was about Asuna and Kirito, two gamers who were trapped in a video game, and dying in the game meant death in reality.

Aincrad was a difficult tower with 100 floors that had to be navigated, and the only way out was defeating the boss at the top.

Other seasons explored different areas of the virtual world using the latest technology, dark groups fighting for freedom, and the dark plans of the Underworld. The evolution of a simple concept into something more is worth watching.

5. X Files: First-Person Shooter

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully debunk, solve, and tackle cases of supernatural origins and bizarre phenomena. A rousing episode of the show’s seventh season saw two FBI agents dive into the virtual realm to solve a case of murder. The episode begins when a character from the game starts acting like someone who is not.

The episode explores and reveals a message about the tension between “women” and “men” and the challenges faced by players in video games based on gender. The most striking thing in the episode was watching Scully play the lead role and witnessing how determined she was to rescue Mulder. The conclusion also has a darker turn!

6. Die Now

Die Now is a Chinese drama that debuted in the year 2017. It follows the exciting adventures of a brilliant college student challenged to use his intellect to escape the death games of virtual reality.

If you’ve watched Alice from Borderland and loved the premise of Squid Game, this is the show for you. Like the previous show, you’ll be attempting to figure out the issues presented in each episode as you become enthralled with characters with dark fates. This can be the great trapped in a video game movie you can include in your list. 

7. Red Dwarf: Back To Reality

Red Dwarf first aired in the 1980s; however, it has stood through the years -as do the characters. The show is a story about the last human being in the universe and his non-human friends.

Back to Reality was a mentally tense experience for the characters and the viewers. We learned that the last four seasons of the show and their lives were all part of a virtual world they had been locked in. The episode then goes and pulls an Inception movie, making heads turn in the audience. Take a look and discover what we’re talking about!

Wrapping up

Have you got the idea of being trapped in a video game movie?

Many television and movies depict people finding their way to other worlds. This concept has been around for decades. These are the movies to watch if you love sci-fi, mind-benders, and fantasy.

Which one do you like most? Let us know.

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