Transgender Claims Against Actress Dylan Mulvaney

The 26-year-old popular American actress  Dylan Mulvaney, a strong spokesman for transgender rights, is reportedly being questioned about her gender by fans. As per sources, during an interview, the actress finally admitted that she is transgender. After that interview, she tried to be as open as possible about the questions made by fans related to her gender issue.

What Made the Actress Turn Transgender?

During the pandemic, COVID-19, Dylan started her journey of being a trans woman, and she tagged alone for it. In March 2022, she finally released her documentary as daily feeds via a Tiktok video series, which got her immense fame and limelight.

Back in December 2022, she underwent facial womanize surgery, and she confirmed it via a post she shared on her Instagram. She also posted a picture where she was holding an image of her previous male look along with her new trans women’s look side by side.

Even during the webcast event of the famous cosmetics company Ulta Beauty, she publicly talked about her being transgender and what she went through during the gender transformation phase.

She was seen giving company to David Lopez, the popular genderfluid hairstylist, who was also an esteemed guest at the event held last year on October 2022.

How did the Actress Start Ruling the Social Media World?

The TikTok famed actress is popular for her vibrant appearance on social media as she is constantly posting gender transformation TikTok videos and reels, which has raised the eyebrows of many fans and critics.

Her popular video series “The Days of Girlhood,” which is based on her journey about gender transformation, won the hearts of many fans as it crossed over one billion views. Her TikTok handle has more than 10 million fans and followers. She even did tremendous work in her musical “The Book of Mormon” back when she graduated from college. The actress also has domination over theatres and high school musicals.

Mulvaney Visited Joe Biden to Stand for the Trans

The trans activist and actress Mulvaney also visited President Joe Biden to represent the trans community and to raise her voice against the issues that trans’ face in society.

She shared her thoughts in a post that she left for the President’s residence with huge hopes and optimism for the betterment of the trans society. She talked about the recent laws that limit the rights of transgender teens, to which the President replied that he was shocked and he thinks that laws made against the trans are nothing but immoral.

As per reports of N.B.C news, Mulvaney hit another milestone after her interview with President; she was made the lead of the “Vitriol Campaign.” Though the TikTok star was slammed numerous times for her trans activities from famous critics to fans, she was even termed as the epitome of “absurdity” and “lunacy” by netizens.

In a recent controversy with popular media personality Caitlyn Jenner, Mulvaney protested with a TikTok video about why Jenner wrongly mentioned her as male. Yet with all the ups and downs, the star proved herself successful; as of 2023, she has an approximate net worth of $1 million.

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