Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark is a podcast and web series that features the cast from popular television shows and movies by the same name. These are the characters played by Robb Wells, aka Ricky, John Paul Tremblay, aka Julian, and Mike Smith, aka Bubbles, as they take us on episode after episode of their topics of choice, their opinions, and experiences.

Just like any other podcast would have you. From politics to pop culture, they’ve got it all covered. And with their trademark irreverent humor and sarcastic wit, you can bet that the conversations will be anything but boring! Sometimes even funny enough to make you laugh out loud. 

Like other podcasts, the topics vary, except that in this one, we’ll see how the actors respond to commenting on all sorts of things when they’re under the heavy influence of narcotics, alcohol, and whatever they can find their hands on.

As such, you’ll never know what these dudes have in store for us as they delve into the most conventional, unconventional, and, many times, incredibly ridiculous stories that only the stoner genre can deliver for you. If you’re into raunchy comedy and have seen the previous iterations of the Trailer Park Boys characters, then this podcast web series is one that you surely don’t want to miss!

Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark
The boys will shock you and make you laugh! (Credit: Swearnet)

Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark Season 5 Episode 1 Recap

The debut episode of the season brought back Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles talking about a lot of different topics while heavily intoxicated with marijuana-laced gummy bears, smoking copious amounts of reefer, and drinking local Canadian beer, it is out of this unique melange of intoxicants that our trio gets the imagination to cover topics as broad as the legitimacy or fakeness of Bear Grylls, the survivor dude on reality television that manages to get by out in the wilderness, it’s worth checking out the trio’s opinion on survivalist techniques and how they manage to retrace those to their trailer park niche as it incorporates reckless manners and attitudes that you wouldn’t normally do if you were sober.

Also, we’ll see how Bubbles has a new hyper fixation, a not-so-healthy one, treasure hunting. But as the episode progresses, the joint tokes and drinking get heavier, and so do the laughs, take, for example, the topic that follows Bubbles’ treasure hunt, which is the killer whales and orcas. These dudes have their own opinion on why orcas are the bad guys of the seas and how they intend to preserve them as a species by creating an F-ed up Animal Company, and speaking of things left in the sea, we’ll see how Ricky has a knack for boats, only those who don’t belong to him, that’s right, Ricky has a thing or two to say about stealing boats that have the keys stuck in the ignition. 

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Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark Season 5 Episode 2 Release Date

Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark Season 5 Episode 2 will be released on Swearnet on 2 June 2023 at 11:00 AM UTC. Each episode lasts around 30 to 45 minutes. Below, you’ll find the regional time release schedules for this show. 

  • Eastern Time, United States: 07:00 AM
  • Pacific US Time: 04:00 AM
  • Australian Time:
    • Sydney Time: 09:00 PM
    • Melbourne Time: 09:00 PM
    • Brisbane Time: 08:00 PM
  • United Kingdom Time: 12:00 PM (noon)
  • Singapore Time: 07:00 PM
  • India Standard Time: 04:30 PM
  • Central Europe Standard Time: 01:00 PM
  • New Zealand Standard Time: 11:00 PM
Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark
There’s a lot of pot smoking and alcohol intake in this podcast (Credit: Swearnet)

How To Watch Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark?

Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark is a podcast that lands on Swearnet. Swearnet is a platform that hosts paid web series and podcasts like this, and it’s full of uncensored, unfiltered content that’s intended for adults. You can see the video version of this show there, or you can listen to the audio for free. Lastly, you can check out the episodes on their site at Swearnet for $1,99 a month or $19,99 a year. 

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