Tragic Death of Jerome Leedy Exploring the Legacy of a QRL Player

Jerome Leedy death has left everyone devasted, as the former rugby player has already passed away. Let’s get to know everything about him.

Jerome Leedy was a rugby league player who was also an Australian junior representative. He also spent a prominent time with the Brisbane Broncos. 

The late rugby player has been remembered as a man who would light up the room. Following his death news, everyone has been sharing their condolence message to the Rugby player.

Leedy was close to everyone, and his tragic death has been shocking news for those who knew him closely. So, collecting every information we’ve covered in this article.

Jerome Leedy Death: How Did Former QRL Player Die?

Jerome Leedy died on April 13, 2023, but his death cause has not been shared with the media outlets. The Leedy family is devasted by the death of Jerome. Ceferina Leedy-Villarin shared the tragic news on her Facebook handle.

Following the announcement, everyone was asking multiple questions regarding Leedy’s death, but the family didn’t give further info. So, it can be said that they are seeking privacy at this heartbreaking moment.

So, tributes and condolences are also paying tribute to Jerome Leedy. More details may get updated soon as people are eager to know more.

Jerome Leedy Obituary: QRL Player Funeral Details

The official obituary of Jerome Leedy was shared by Ceferina Leedy-Villarin on behalf of the Leedy family. The statement showed that Jerome died on April 13, 2023.

While sharing the news, Ceferina thanked everyone who showed support and love at this sad moment. She also said that they are raising funds for the funeral services. Also, their main priority is Jerome’s children’s security.

Due to that, the Leedy family is raising funds, and it has been said that the funeral services will be organized on April 28, 2023. He will be buried in Pinnaroo Cemetery, 285 Graham Road, Bridgeman Downs, Qld 4035.

The video link of the funeral services will be shared on April 24. So, those who are not able to attend the service can watch it online. 

Who Was QRL Player Jerome Leedy?

Jerome Leedy was a prominent figure who left an impact on his close ones. He was a rugby player, and his love for the respective sports grew up in State School and Wavell State High School.

Furthermore, Leedy was a totally underrated player who just did his job with no fuss. He prominently played for Brisbane Natives, and the team even took the field with only 11 players.

The team was getting a touch-up by the younger full-strength Diehards side; however, two players kept mustering their troops in captain Ricky Bird and Jerome. 

By the end of the game, Jerome was limping off the ground with not an inch of energy left, but he didn’t complain once. This makes it clear that Leedy was a dedicated guy. 

Apart from that, Jerome was a family person who loved spending time with his close ones during his spare time. It seems like he was a married man, as he was a supportive and caring Father. 

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