Beauty is in the face, mostly. Not the eyes. Even better if you’re an athlete. But instead of the face, check out some of the ugliest duke players of all time.

Along with skills and game sense, attractiveness is something any athlete should have. But instead, if the player is good, but his face repels his fans, he’s in for bad luck. With today’s times, he definitely will be the face of some memes.

We love to make you laugh, so we made a list of the ugliest duke players in history. If you’re having a long day, this post is the cure.

Disclaimer: This post is made for fun purposes only, and everything is satire.

Let’s get right into it.

PlayerTime PlayedCareer Points (Overall)
Greg Paulus2005-20091,193
Kyle Singler2011-20192,326
Luol Deng2004-201913,361
Brian Zoubek2009-2010Unspecified
Danny Ferry1985-19896,439
Bobby Hurley1989-19981,032
Shavlik Randolph2005-2019340
J.J Redick2002-202112,028

1. Greg Paulus

Greg Paulus 
Full NameGregory Russell Paulus
SpouseMegan Case
Date of Birth3 July 1986
Age36 years
Height1.85 m
Weight180 lbs
PositionPoint Guard
TeamDuke & Syracuse
Net Worth$1.5 million

Paulus looks like a momma’s boy but in a bad way. In a way, his mom still makes decisions for him, not to mention the man-child’s hair.

Paulus overall gives off a very lousy vibe that can easily piss someone off. Besides his obnoxious look, he has scored 1,193 career points for Duke. Which is quite admirable. Paulus now serves as a coach after he retired from professional Duke basketball.

One fun fact about Paulus is that he played football after leaving Duke at Syracuse University. Paulus is now a permanent coach for the Nigeria Purple Eagles men’s basketball team.

2. Kyle Singler

Kyle Singler
Full NameKyle Edward Singler
Date of Birth4 May 1988
Age34 years
Height2.03 m
Weight228 lbs
TeamDuke & Detroit Pistons
Net Worth$3 million

Looks like this list should have been named the top 8 man-child-looking Duke players instead of the ugliest Duke players.  Thank god he is a pro basketball player, or else man, he would be bullied. I mean, come on, how are you going to be a professional athlete and have the face of a 14-year-old?

Kyle is the type of dude who would tell you that he is funny and then tell you the most generic dad joke you ever hear. If you can ignore his looks, you should acknowledge that he is a great basketball player.

In an 8-year-long basketball playing, he has 2,326 career points. Singler is now leading a single life, see what I did there, and is one of the highest-paid NBA players.

3. Luol Deng

Luol Deng
Full NameLuol Ajou Deng OBE
Date of Birth16 April 1985
Age37 years
Height2.06 m
Weight237 lbs
TeamDuke, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers & Minnesota Timberwolves.
Net Worth$125 Million

Loul Deng isn’t the ugliest Duke player on the list. He could have been a handsome athlete, but his teeth didn’t let him. Although the teeth are nice to look at, they are too big to find cute.

In fact, his big teeth did scare some fans away. Or intimidate, even. Deng is one of the extraordinary players from Duke who made it to the big leagues.

Having played in two of the best teams of the NBA: the Chicago Bulls and Lakers, the guy is an outstanding basketball player.

4. Brian Zoubek

Brian Zoubek
Full NameBrian Henry Zoubek
Date of Birth6 April 1988
Age34 years
Height2.16 m
Weight260 lbs
TeamDuke & New Jersey Nets
Net Worth$1.5 million

Again, not the ugliest Duke player, but can easily be precarious. With a vast height of 7 ft, he could have easily made it to the NBA. He is the guy you think is a pro basketball player because of him, but unfortunately isn’t.

He was drafted by the New Jersey Jets in July 2010 but was out in October. He got off before he even started his career. He hurt his leg in 2007 and had to be on crutches for two summers.

5. Danny Ferry

Danny Ferry
Full NameDaniel John Willard Ferry
SpouseTiffany Ferry
Date of Birth17 October 1966
Age56 years
Height2.08 m
Weight235 lbs
TeamDuke, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs & Pallacanestro Virtus Roma
Net Worth$17 million

Danny Ferry was one obnoxious basketball player. Everything about him was unpleasant. He is the type of person who can make you angry just with a single stare.

Danny Ferry is among the most hated Duke players despite his looks. Something about him that made both his teammates and fans cringe. He played alright, having over 6,000+ career points; Ferry is now a general manager for New Orleans Pelicans.

6. Bobby Hurley

Bobby Hurley
Full NameRobert Matthew Hurley
Spouse31 July 1947
Date of Birth31  July 1971
Age51 years
Height1.83 m
Weight165 lbs
PositionPoint Guard
TeamDuke, Arizona State,  Sacramento Kings, Buffalo & Vancouver Grizzlies
Net Worth$8 million

Hurley was an American basketball player for Duke from 1989 to 1993. He has made quite the name during his playing years. He was loved for his gameplay but hated for his personality and looks.

Bobby Hurley won two championships for Duke in 1991 and 1992, with a career-ending by 1993. He is known for slapping the floor after scoring, which made fans annoyed by him. He looks like a creep who would stare at you in school during lunch break.

7. Shavlik Randolph

Shavlik Randolph
Full NameRonald Shavlik Randolph
Date of Birth24 November 1983
Age39 years
Height2.08 m
Weight236 lbs
TeamDuke, Miami Heat, Portland Trail Blazers, Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics, Foshan Dralions, Liaoning Flying Leopards & Utsunomiya Brex.
Net Worth$1-5 million

Shavlik Randolph is what you call the fall of a hero. He used to be such a good player that it’s almost like he got tired of winning. Leaving Duke to its last shred that forced new recruitments.

Shavlik Randolph himself said once, “Just because you can dunk doesn’t make you an athlete.” And proved himself correct by becoming a mediocre player. The horrible haircut only adds to it.

8. J.J Redick

J.J Redick
Full NameJonathon Clay Redick
SpouseChelsea Kilgore
Date of Birth24 June 1984
Age38 years
Height1.93 m
Weight201 lbs
PositionShooting guard
TeamDuke, Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers, Dallas Mavericks & New Orleans Pelicans
Net Worth$50 million

J.J Redick isn’t the ugliest duke player on the list, but he surely is the cockiest. His overinflated ego made fans hate him even though he was a great player. Despite his ego, this man almost always managed to lose against Maryland.

He’s working as an NBA analyst now, but what he did at Duke or in his basketball playing career. His cockiness and unpleasant stares made fans angry, and let’s not forget how he used to throw his defender right before going live on screen. What a douchebag.

Wrapping Up

This post was made for fun; we wouldn’t derogate someone’s looks. But again, can we blame some of them for making it to the ugliest Duke players list?

Some of the players almost made their fans turn against them. Just for their personality and behavior. What a shame.

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