Tomas Holder, who became famous on social media after being on Big Brother, is in the middle of a big incident because a video of him and model Agustina La Tana went viral online

Since then, the film has gone viral on sites like Twitter, where many people have talked about it. Here is all you need to know about the Tomas Holder video incident.

Since the video went online, there has been a lot of talk about Tomas Holder, who has a huge social media following. He has over 1 million fans on Instagram and almost 900,000 on TikTok. Since then, Agustina has talked about the tape and said that Holder recorded it himself.

Tomas Holder and model Agustina La Tana video goes viral on Twitter and TikTok

Reports say that the video was not from a recent meeting. Instead, it was from an earlier meeting. Agustina has said that she was surprised by how popular the video became and that the original video would have had a label. But the Tomas Holder video that is going viral does not have a watermark.

The video has been shared by a lot of people on social media.

Tomas Holder hasn’t said anything about the video, so his fans don’t know how he feels about it. But he has posted some things on Instagram that seem to be about the story. In one post, he said, “Always wanted to be with a rockstar,” which got a lot of comments from his fans, some of whom made jokes about the video.

As the story keeps getting worse, many people have said what they think about it. Some have criticised Holder for what he did, while others have defended him. It’s still too early to tell how the video will affect Tomas Holder’s job and reputation, but it’s clear that it’s a big deal that has a lot of people talking on social media.

Tomas Holder’s fans spe out after the video incident

His fans have also spoken out about the video. Many of them have said they back him and want others to leave him alone.

In this age of social media, scandals like this one are sadly all too common. People should be held responsible for what they do, but it’s also important to remember that everyone deserves privacy and respect.


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