Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is a filmmaker and actor based in America. He is one of the most recognized movie stars in the world. He is known for his roles in the genre of drama and comedy. Thomas was born on 9th July 1956 in Concord, California, America. Thomas made his acting debut in 1979 when he worked in the film ‘He Knows You’re Alone,’ which was a slasher film.

Later that year only landed in the film ‘Mazes and Monsters.’ Hank rose to fame in 1988 when he got a leading role in the fantasy comedy-drama movie ‘Big,’ which made Thomas see himself as a potential actor in Hollywood. But soon after the movie, Hank started to get a setback in the roles he used to sign, and his films weren’t a hit for the next four years.

But Thomas was back after four years of a halt with the movie ‘A League of Their Own,’ released in 1992. Hank’s one of the greatest hits all the time came in 1994, was ‘Forest Gump,’ which made him more famous than ever. Forest Gump crossed over $600 million worldwide at the Box Office. Hanks is the second actor to win consecutive Best Actor Oscars.

Thomas’s first movie was ‘That Thing You DO!’ in 1996, his directing debut. Thomas Hank gave many hits after that with movies like, ‘Saving Private Ryan in 1998, ‘And The Green Mile’ in 1999, an adaptation of the novel by Stephen King. He later worked with Leonardo DiCaprio in a biographical movie ‘Catch Me If You Can,’ in 2002. He was even featured in Spiderman Trilogy, making him famous among the next generation. He was the voice of the character Woody in the animated movie ‘Toy Story.’

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks receives an honorary degree from Harvard University (Credits: The Guardian)

The Viral Video from the Cannes Film Festival:

Popular actor Tom Hanks has once again found himself at the center of controversy for skipping the photocall of his latest movie, ‘Asteroid City.’ The absence of the ‘Forrest Gump star raised questions and rumors surrounding the incident, primarily because of a recent viral video showing Hanks appearing to scold a Cannes Film Festival employee. While his co-stars, Bryan Cranston, Scarlett Johansson, and Jason Schwartzman, attended the post-premiere celebration and received great appreciation for their performances in the Wes Anderson film, Hanks’ absence remained controversial.

This incident prompted rumors that his absence from the ‘Asteroid City’ photocall might be related. However, Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson, dismissed these rumors on Instagram by sharing pictures from the event and explaining the context of the viral video. She clarified that the incident was merely a result of the chaotic atmosphere on the red carpet, with the clamor of screaming photographers where Hanks and Wilson struggled to hear. 

Wes Anderson’s film Asteroid City received many positive responses at the Cannes Film Festival. Tom Hanks portrays the role of the father-in-law to Jason Schwartzman’s character in this film, a widower who takes his four children to visit their grandfather. With Wes Anderson’s direction, the movie boasts an impressive cast that includes Tilda Swinton, Ed Norton, Adrien Brody, Matt Dillon, Bryan Cranston, and Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson. Notable actors such as Hope Davis, Uma Thurman, Stephen Park, Rupert Friend, and Maya Hawke, daughter of Ethan Hawke, made cameo appearances. The film promises a unique and whimsical style that Anderson is renowned for. 

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks in the movie Asteroid City (Credits: AMC Theatres)

Debunking The Assumptions:

The Red Carpet Manager at the Cannes Film Festival, Vincent Chaplain, shed light on this incident on Twitter. Contrary to initial speculations, Chapalain stated that the couple simply asked him whether they should return to the start of the carpet with the rest of the film crew. He emphasized that Hanks and Wilson needed to speak loudly to be heard. Chapalain’s testimony supports Wilson’s explanation and does not include heated exchanges or negative interactions. 

It is not the first time Tom Hanks had a tense situation with photographers. Last year, Hanks became upset when a photographer almost knocked over his wife, resulting in a heated confrontation. Despite such occasional incidents, Hanks’ esteemed standing in the global film industry remains intact, and he continues to be regarded as the most respected and iconic personality.

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