Tim Allen Maintains That He Did Not Flash Pamela Anderson While Filming

A former Playboy model, now 55 years old, has alleged that during the filming of a ’90s sitcom, her co-star made an unwelcome advance by exposing himself to her in the hallway outside her dressing room. Despite feeling uncomfortable at this sudden display of intimacy, she forced a laugh and continued with work as usual.

Pamela’s debut memoir, “Love, Pamela,” takes the entertainment world by storm! And in a sneak preview recently published by Variety, she recounts an unforgettable experience on set.

“When I stepped out of my dressing room on day one of filming,” Pamela recalls, “there was Tim. He was standing in the hallway in his robe.” But this wasn’t just any robe.

“He opened it up teasingly, revealing himself completely!” she exclaims. “Yes! Naked underneath! It was so shocking!”

Something we fans won’t easily forget – and guaranteed to be one account of many that makes her memoir special and unique. We can’t wait to read more from “Love, Pamela”! She quickly added something in, a quip meant to lighten the mood.

“He said it was only fair,” she said half in jest, barely containing her laughter. “Because he had seen me naked,” her eyes twinkled with emotion as she shrugged. “Now we’re even.” She couldn’t help; the situation made her double over with laughter until the unfamiliar twinge tugged uncomfortably on her face and vocal cords.

But Allen denied this. He told the newspaper that he never did this. “No, it never happened,” he said. “I’d never do something like that.” Anderson said in another part of the book that her children “saved” her.

In 1998, when she filed for divorce from their father, rocker Tommy Lee, the actress’s sons Brandon and Dylan were just babies. She said that having kids gave her something to think about.

She said, “They saved me,” she said. I don’t want to blame my kids for that, but having kids has changed everything. I’ve loved every moment.” The actress, who is 55 years old, says that her grown sons are “true miracles.”

She wrote, “When you look at their genes, Brandon and Dylan are real miracles. They’ve been through a lot, but there aren’t any holes in them.” Anderson filed for a divorce from the Motley Crue rocker after he was charged with domestic violence. She thinks the problems in their relationship “really let (their) kids down.”

She expressed her thoughts eagerly in an interview: “It’s something that I have difficulty forgiving myself for. We should have had the capacity to strategize a way around it. I feel a profound sense of sadness that it ended this way. Perhaps if I had made different choices, it wouldn’t have ended as dejectedly. I truly regret not being able to resolve the matter more skillfully.”

“My entire life, I’ve been terrified of violence. Those trepidations bubbled to the surface, and I knew I couldn’t accept anything aggressive: not in my home or my heart! As much as I adored Tommy, raising kids with them was out of the question; I loved my children more than anything, even if they weren’t biologically mine.”

They were a happy couple, contented in their existence. That was until tragedy struck; their videos, later to become infamous in a scandalous sex tape, were illegally stolen from them and quickly released without their permission.

The exposure of this tape brought public attention to the terrible incident but worse still- the couple found it hard to cope with the unjust notoriety. Their relationship soon floundered, unable to see each other in the same light as before this invasion of privacy occurred.

Sadly, their offense against no one had spiraled wildly out of control, scuppering any chance they may have had at being together again.

Anderson claimed he never saw the famous tape and chuckled as he added, “Things got a little out of hand. To tell you the truth, Tommy and I might have been great suggestions for adults, but when it came to dealing with this situation, we sure could’ve used some adult guidance; Our immaturity got in the way for sure!”

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