Episodes 37 and 38 of the popular ongoing Chinese fantasy and romantic series Till The End Of The Moon will air soon, know the release date and streaming details here

In the previous episode, we have seen that Tantai Jin confessed that Li Susu has given him a second chance in life. He also promised her not to taint himself with evil energy in this life. She was flustered after hearing that and made an excuse to run away to the parade.  If you are also following the Chinese series Till The End Of The Moon and are excited for episode 37, we have got you covered here.

Till The End Of The Moon episode 37 and 38 release date, time,  preview, recap, where to watch ep eng sub

In the upcoming episode, Li Susu will inform Tantai Jin that his father has found a way to suppress the evil bone in his body. Three days later, they will set up the array to perform that spell. Tantai Jin said that once he will recover, he will come with a dowry to marry her. However, at the time of the removal, his father will frame Tantai Jin for ting away the evil bone. Tantai Jin will try to clarify that he has not killed Chief Qin, but no one will trust him. While this is happening, Li Susu will be in deep sleep as the evil bone was removed from her body.

Till The End Of The Moon Episodes 37 And 38 Release Date

Fans will be happy to know that the release date of the popular Chinese series Till The End Of The Moon episodes 37 and 38 is May 07, and May 08, 2023. You can watch this episode at the given times:

  • Australia Time: 8.30 pm ACDT,  May 08
  • Eastern Time: 6 am ET, May 08
  • UK Time: 11 am GMT, May 08
  • Europe Time: 12 pm, May 08

Where can you watch Till The End Of The Moon episodes 37 and 38?

Chinese fans can enjoy Till The End Of The Moon episode 37 on the YOUKU streaming platform. International fans can watch the Till The End Of The Moon series on Ruten Viki with English subtitles online. Xiao Lin was hurt and Ye Binghsang tended to his injuries. After that, Xiao Lin and Ye Binghsang spend the night together. The next day, she told him that life is full of challenges and that if he ever feels alone, he can always come to her.  

Li Susu saved Tantain Jin when he was about to be executed by the sect. She revealed how he activated his crossbow energy to save the civilian from the demon. Li Susu also confirmed that he can’t be the devil king as she has personally extracted the bone from him.

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