Thomas Gore Auchincloss Jr: Brooke Shields Brother - Family Details

Some of the most well-known parts that Brooke Shields has played as an actress are in Blue Lagoon, Endless Love, and Suddenly, Susan.

In 2023, the documentary titled Pretty Baby looked at her full life, and her family is composed of three half-sisters and two step-siblings in total.

With the release of Brooke Shields: Pretty Baby on Hulu, the public will be exposed to a side of Brooke Shields that has not been seen before.

Although many people are familiar with Brooke, her career as a model when she was a teenager was filled with controversy, and her performances in Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon made her a star.

She had also spoken openly about her challenges growing up, including the sexual assault she was subjected to when she was a youngster and the repercussions of being in the public eye.

Also, there is another subject that is discussed in the movie that Brooke was a witness to is the over-sexualization of young women.

So, now let’s go into the depth of the article to find out more about Thomas Gore Auchincloss Jr.

Who Is Mr. Thomas Gore Auchincloss Jr.? The Shields Brother, Brooke

People are curious about Brooke Shields’s brother and his background. As a result of the growing interest in Brooke’s life, an increasing number of people are learning about her extended family, which includes her mother, daughters, husband, and now, her siblings too.

On the 31st of May, 1965 Brooke was born in New York City in the family of Frank Shields, her father who is a successful businessman, and her mother Terry Shields, a former model. She was their eldest child.

The divorce between Brooke’s parents took place when she was just five months old. The New York Times predicted that Francis will tie the knot with Diana “Didi” Lippert in the year 1970.

They had three girls. Brooke is a half-sister to Marina Shields, Olympia Shields, and Christiana Shields.

Diana Auchincloss Cunningham and Thomas Gore Auchincloss Jr., who were Lippert’s children from her first marriage, also took Frank as their dad.

As her brother was always out of the spotlight, we did not know much else about them because there is not much information given.

Brooke Shields’s Family Details

Brooke Christa Shields was born in New York City on May 31, 1965. She is the daughter of the actress and model Teri Shields and the business owner Francis Alexander Shields.

Brooke’s mother came from England, Germany, the Scotch-Irish, and Wales. Her father came from England, France, Ireland, and Italy.

William Addams Reitwiesner’s study shows that Shields is related to a number of wealthy Italian families, including ones from Genoa and Rome.

Her maternal grandmother, Marina Torlonia di Civitella-Cesi, was a member of the Italian royalty and she was the daughter of an American socialite and an Italian aristocrat.

Alessandro Torlonia was her great-uncle who was an Italian nobleman who married Infanta Beatriz of Spain.

Brooke Shields’s Personal Life

She was grown with her mother. Shields said that she dated Dean Cain while she was a student at Princeton and that she lost her virginity to him in June 2009, when she was 22 years old.

She said that if she had been more positive about herself, it would have happened faster. Shields supported fitness in the 1990s, saying that sports and being a woman go hand in hand.

Shields spoke out against the fur business in 1989, but she later made her mink fur coat at Kopenhagen Fur.

However, Shields has had two marriages. First, she was married to tennis star Andre Agassi 1997 to 1999 whom she met in 1993.

After getting a divorce from Agassi, she married TV writer Chris Henchy in 2001. They had met in 1999 because they were friends with the same people. They have two kids and live in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

She is the face of Tupperware’s Chain of Confidence SMART Girls project, which urges girls to take care of their physical and mental health.

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