Nollywood actress, Bisola Aiyeola, has conveyed her affection and appreciation for her colleague, Kehinde Bankole in a heartfelt post shared on her Instagram page.

Bisola seized the chance to congratulate Kehinde on her outstanding acting abilities and showered her with compliments.

She shared clips of Kehinde Bankole’s latest project and described her as a phenomenal talent whose light should never dim.

She wished for the whole world to witness and appreciate Kehinde’s remarkable abilities and hoped that she would continue to receive recognition and admiration for her work.

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Bisola added that regardless of how close or far away she was watching her, she was always in awe of Kehinde’s performances.

She wrote;

“This is a KENNY BANKS appreciation post. May your light never dim. May the whole world see and experience your talent. May you be Alive to enjoy and receive all your flowers. You are a great performer and there is no time I have watched you be it far or near that I am not in awe of your Talent. God bless you, Kenny. Aunty B @biodunstephen oil de your head keep giving us more and more.”

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