The Suicide Note of Naomi Judd Revealed Publicly

Legendary American actress and Singer who died by suicide on April 30, 2022, left a suicide note that has been revealed publicly after a long wait of 10 months. As per the note, she stated that her daughter Wynonna should be barred from her funeral. She also termed her daughter as “mentally ill” in the yellow Post-it suicide note.

Her message strongly portrayed that she wanted to ban her daughter from all her services and memorial ceremony, as she underlined the word “not” in her note. However, her daughter Wynonna did take part in her mother’s last rites, the memorial ceremony was titled “Naomi Judd: A river of Time Celebration” it was a live stream broadcast from Ryman Auditorium back in the last year.

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Naomi died at the age of 76 by suicide as she shot herself and made self impositions. Naomi was found dead, with bloodshed around the room and a gun lying on the side table.

The “Double Jeopardy” fame actress Ashley Judd, another daughter of Naomi, stated that her mother was found in a maniac state when they called upon their family doctor. As per reports, when the doctor left Naomi’s room for a while, Naomi shot herself in a few moments. Her daughter Ashley discovered her lying unresponsive with a gunshot wound to her head.

As per a source, Wynonna Judd said that she felt “crushed” by her mother’s suicide note and last words. A close friend of hers also stated that no one could better understand than Wynonna, the mental stress and struggle that her mother Naomi was going through, but it is heartbreaking to know that her mother kept such wicked thoughts of dying.

Naomi’s family also refused to talk about the apparent suicide note revealed publicly this week. As per reports, the popular music icon was suffering from a psychic condition, struggling with her mental stability for many years. Her daughter, Wynonna Judd was her music partner for the music events, they used to be one of the leading music duos in the country.

Wynonna expressed her grief via an Instagram post that this was just not the proper way to end Judd’s story, and she won’t be able to admit the truth, the pain, and the grief fully that her mother left them by suicide. The 58-year-old Wynonna Judd also added that she would take up more work so that she could overcome the mental struggles that are haunting her and her family.

She said in a statement that she would not stop singing and would continue to fight for herself and her family. She also gave a tribute to her late mother at the platform of the 2022 CMA Awards.

She gave the message to her fans that the past times without her mother have been a time of both suffering and gratefulness. Reportedly, Wynonna was seen to admit that after her mother’s death, she managed to make good relations with her sister. According to some court archives, Naomi banned her daughter Wynonna and gave the only executor rights to her husband Larry Strickland.

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