The Rise of the Mask as a Tool For Public Figure Identity Management

From the time of ancient Greece, people have been fascinated with famous leaders. The earliest portraits were of kings, queens, and other royalty. Paintings of gods and goddesses have always been famous; each had a unique look that set it apart from all the rest.

People have been interested in the human face since ancient times, as shown by sculptures and carvings. Some faces are so well-known that they’ve become legends—like Helen of Troy, which launched a thousand ships because it was so beautiful.

The history of modern humanity has given us new faces and new styles of faces to admire or dislike. We look up to movie stars, politicians, musicians, athletes, artists, and writers as role models. People always want to see pictures of celebrities, and many like to wear face masks to avoid being recognized by the public when they’re out in public.

Celebrity faces are everywhere on social media sites, in the news, and in clothing items like T-shirts or hats. People wear these items to show others which celebrity they admire most or claim to be a fan of. More people can see pictures of celebrities on social media sites. These sites help shape current beauty standards and further contribute to them.

When we look at pictures of celebrities, we can spend a lot of time looking at them. Things like their movements, facial features, skin, and how they age get a lot of attention or make the news. Instagram Face comprises “ideal but generic” features made with filters. And also, the growing cosmetic surgery and beauty industries could be seen as a result of how much people love to look at celebrity photos.

Celebrity faces are bought and sold every day by advertisers. You only need to think about the Kardashian-Jenner family to see this happening. Taking advantage of their fame, some of the Kardashians have their own lines of beauty products. Also, the other family members have endorsed many products.

But the Kardashian-Jenners are not the only ones who use their fame for material or financial gain. There is a connection between a famous person and a product’s success. It has been found that we give more money to celebrities whose faces are associated with products. We know them better when we do so. For a celebrity in the 21st century, having a recognizable face is an essential measure of worth.

A law professor at Stanford, Lawrence M. Friedman, says that one of the things that makes someone famous is “high visibility.” This gives celebrities power and perks, which they know very well. Take the troubled celebrity Kanye West as an example. Since 2012, he has worn a mask during his shows.

The strangest thing about him is that he always wears a mask in public. West has often been caught on camera trying to hide his face by putting on masks. On the other hand, West is still straightforward to recognize (notwithstanding the hordes of paparazzi trailing his every move).

When celebrities wear masks, they are not really anonymous. They want to seem more famous than they are by putting on a show of being ordinary people. They wear masks so that we will look at them and ignore the other people around them. This way of hiding their identities only makes them seem more famous. This keeps them as an image instead of a person who can be known.

So, it’s easy to forget that celebrities are people like you and me. Wearing masks in public is a strategy to regain control of one’s image, which makes one money. If celebrities can get back control of their image, which is what makes them money, it’s no wonder they wear masks in public.

Then, West’s masked face becomes unsettling because it looks like a hole where the media cannot look and where their dreams go down.

One of Sia’s trademarks as a performer is her use of exotic wigs and costumes. These guises are an attempt to deflect attention away from her beauty and towards her music.

Celebrity masks have become popular. These masks allow famous people to express their true selves without fear of being recognized. They also give celebrities a way to connect with their fans. Philosopher Thomas Macho has said that we live in a “facial society” because we are always interested in seeing celebrity faces.

The internet and social websites have made it familiar for people to be prominent. In a culture full of images, wearing a mask might be the last radical thing a celebrity can do to stay anonymous. Also, in a strange way, to stand out from the crowd of celebrity faces that keeps growing.

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