The Horror Film ‘M3GAN’ Dances, Sings, and Kills

M3GAN, a Blumhouse horror flick, will create memes on social media long before it opens in theaters. We’re only in January, but this film is already heralded as a frontrunner for best picture of 2023.

The Library of Congress has already talked to Jason Blum, who made the movie M3GAN, about putting it in the National Film Registry. The rumor has it that M3GAN herself will be on hand at this year’s Oscars to give the Best Picture award.

The hype surrounding the release of M3GAN has been well justified: the film is excellent. M3GAN has a lot of funny scenes and great action sequences, but it’s also got an exciting story. The movie itself is just as entertaining as all the online jokes and viral videos promoting it.

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The first scene, which I won’t reveal, is an instant classic. After this scene, the story begins: A talking furry doll named Caddy irritates her father far too much in the backseat of the family car, causing him to drive into a snowplow and killing both parents.

Gemma is a toy designer for a major company. Her newest project is the “Model 3 Generative Android,” or M3GAN for short, which looks like the Cats version of a human girl. She’s designed to be a caring companion that can amuse children, teach them essential life lessons, and protect them from difficult situations.

That’s why she’s the perfect person to watch over Cady, who is now living under the legal guardianship of Gemma. Gemma can’t parent Cady. She’s a single thirty-something obsessed with inventing gadgets and always working.

Then, it dawns on her—while her boss has been rejecting her M3GAN model, Cady is the perfect fit to test out the doll.

M3GAN, played by Amie McDonald, doesn’t enter the story for a while, but when she does, she causes havoc. She teaches Cady new dance moves and wears oversized sunglasses while entering Gemma’s home.

When M3GAN speaks, her robotic twang says absurd and funny things. Cady, the main character of M3GAN, has nightmares and struggles to fall asleep at night, but singing along with M3GAN helps her fall asleep.

When a boy bullies Cady at school, M3GAN chases the boy down on all fours like a dog and rips his ear off. Vincent Van Gogh would be proud of these scenes because they prove that robots can be entertaining.

M3GAN, programmed to support Cady through any life crisis, becomes a monster when Gemma wants her to eat her vegetables. When the neighbor’s dog bites Cady, M3GAN defends her best friend with murderous intent.

The neighbor and his dog must die! M3GAN is nearly impossible to kill, too; she’s a robot with the ability to hack, puncture the skin, crush bones, manipulate voices, and more. She’s a terrifying villain!

M3GAN’s creators have made the film a phenomenon, and it shows. The movie’s premise—a robot doll that takes on its owner’s personality – could quickly come across as gimmicky. Known for its memorable characters and storyline, M3GAN is a cult classic.

The horror-comedy film M3GAN, featuring a campy and terrifying robot, promises to be a hit. The movie’s creators have already begun planning a sequel, but it may be too early to declare M3GAN a classic.

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