Shane Meadows has come up with a new crime mystery named “The Gallows Pole,” and we are eagerly what this new show has got for us. However, we will see the release date, synopsis, and how you can watch The Gallows Pole Episode 1 in this article.

The Gallows Pole is a real story about a group who used to make fake gold coins to live a more satisfying life yet was considered as the biggest crime. Joining the lead cast of The Gallows Pole is Michael Socha as David Hartley, Thomas Turgoose as William Hartley, Sophie McShera as Grace Hartley, and Yusra Warsama as Bethsheba.

Other than them, the crew also has Samuel Edward-Cook as Isaac Hartley, Anthony Welsh as Abe Oldfield, Joe Sproulle as Joe, Adam Fogerty as James Broadbent, Fine Time Fontayne as Joseph Broadbent, Nicole Barber-Lane as Susie, Ralph Ineson as The Clothier, and Soraya Jane Nabipour as Darya Hartley.

How To Watch The Gallows Pole Episode 1?
David & Grace Hartley (Credits: BBC)

However, it would be an interesting plot to witness the life, needs, and reason behind the deeds of Cragg Vale Coiners in British history. Thus, get to the end to know everything about The Gallows Pole Episode 1. Let’s continue.

The Gallows Pole Episode 1 Preview

The Gallows Pole Episode 1 is titled “The Resurrection of Dave,” and it is going to be a splendid start. The first episode will take us in the 1760s into the metropolitan county of West Yorkshire. The pilot episode will give us a synopsis of the lead of the series David Hartley who is ready to leave Birmingham.

After all this time, he stayed there for seven years and decides to finally go to her family’s place. His condition seems not very great, and all he has is a mysterious toolbox. He clearly has a motive, and that is confirmed by the six men he meets on his way.

They made David realize that he still has some unfinished business on earth that needs to be completed. Now, what is that work? Why is David being chosen for it? For that, don’t forget to watch The Gallows Pole Episode 1. The release date is mentioned below.

The Gallows Pole Episode 1 Release Date

There is a new crime drama in the house, i.e., The Gallows Pole, which is going to make its debut in a few more days. The Gallows Pole Episode 1, titled “The Resurrection of Dave,” is set to release on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, in the UK at 9:00 pm local time exclusively on BBC Two.

Each episode of The Gallows Pole will run for about 65 minutes. However, the new episodes for The Gallows Pole will be out every week on Wednesday, and regarding the total number of episodes in this crime show, it is just expected to be three as of now.

Below we have attached a trailer for The Gallows Pole, have a glance to know what this new drama is about. Ahead you can read out to learn how to watch The Gallows Pole Episode 1.

How To Watch The Gallows Pole Episode 1?

As mentioned above, The Gallows Pole episodes will be released every Wednesday at 9:00 pm UK time on BBC Two Network. Since this network will be available in the United Kingdom, viewers need to use a good VPN service to watch the show. Check out the release time for The Gallows Pole episodes below.

  • For the viewers in the United States: 4:00 pm ET on Wednesday
  • For the viewers in Canada: 5:30 pm NT on Wednesday
  • For the viewers in Australia: 6:00 am AEST on Thursday
  • For the viewers in India: 1:30 am IST on Thursday
  • For the viewers in the Philippines: 4:00 am PHT on Thursday
  • For the viewers in Japan: 5:00 am JST on Thursday
  • For the viewers in South Korea: 5:00 am KST on Thursday

However, after the original release, the episodes of The Gallows Pole will be available on BBC iPlayer. Hence if by any chance you skip watching any episode on BBC Two, iPlayer is another best option. So, this was everything about The Gallows Pole Episode 1; I hope you will not miss the premiere of The Gallows Pole now. Keep streaming!

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