Fans of Black Knight, the ongoing South Korean drama, will be excited to know the locations of their favorite series have been spotted. Directed by Cho Ui-Seok, the Black Knight series was developed by Netflix and is adapted from a webtoon written by Lee Yun-kyun with the same title.

Written by Choi Ui-Seok, Black Knight focuses on a future with an uncontrolled level of pollution and the lives of delivery drivers, as they are a massive part of our society. Black Knight is set in Korea after 1% of the original population remains who survived the comet hit, and the remaining survivors are segregated into colonies based on their social status. Ui Seok Cho produced the series under Project 318 that premiered for the first time on May 12, 2023.

Black Knight
Still From Black Knight [Credits- Netflix]

Black Knight is a mini-series brought to the audience by the streaming giant Netflix. Black Knight possesses 6 episodes that were released simultaneously on the same day, 12 May 2023, for the fans to enjoy. Black Knight stars Kim Woo-bin plays the role of 5’8, a heroic knight, Song Seung-Heon plays the role of Ryu Seok, Cheonmyeong Group heir, Kang You-Seok plays the role of Yoon Sa-who plays the role of Yoo Sa-wol, a young Sa-wol, and Esom plays the role Jeong Seol-ah, an Intelligence command in the lead cast.

Black Knight supporting cast consists of Kim Eui-sung, plays the role of Grandpa, a mechanic with the talent of fixing everything around; Jin Kyung, plays the role of Chae Jin-Kyung, South Korea’s president, Nam Kyung-eup, plays the role of Ryu Jae-jin, Cheonmyeong Group’s chairman, and Lee Joo-Seung plays Useless, refugee friend of Sa-wol’s. Black Knight is a Science fiction and action series that will leave its fans craving more. Black Knight is an awesome series with a balance of every emotion.

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Black Knight- Premise

The series began with an intense introduction of the deliverymen and their role set in Korea in 2071 after Korea gets hit by a comet and only 1% of the country’s original population remains. The deliverers of Korea in Black Knight are responsible for delivering oxygen masks and groceries to the remaining population of Korea, as people aren’t allowed to come out of their designated area due to the deteriorating environmental conditions of Korea.

Korea in 2017 had an extremely high-level population that turned the majority of the country into a wasteland, and the remaining population was born, lived, and then died in the area they were designated to after segregation based on their social status. Humans cannot survive without respirators in the outside world thus, they have to always wear them if they plan to go outside, as the sun also only glimmers through dust and haze.

The air core is a technology built by the chairman of the Cheonmyeong group is a technology for manufacturing breathable air, and the areas outside the designated colonies lack this oxygen core. Chairman of Cheonmyeong has complete control over human life, as he was the one behind the idea that saved a small percentage of humans.

The heir of Cheomyeong is suffering from an unknown disease and desperately needs help to survive and prolong his life. He is the one responsible for the segregation of Korean society into General District, which is the surface level, followed by the population allowed to live under a multi layered-city under a dome. The most suppressed people in the remaining society are refugees, and the plot mainly focuses on the legendary knight who is known among the people by the number 5’8; he is also the survivor of the massacre, which took place nine years before Korea today.

Black Knight
Black Knight Defeats A Hunter [Credits- Black Knight]

Sa-Wol is a refugee who meets 5’8 by accident, and a revelation gets made about her being a rare mutant who can survive injuries due to her parents getting exposed to mine radiation. After the death of 5’7, a deliveryman, Sa-wol, is trained by 5’8 to become a delivery driver after she beats the other competitors in the competition for new deliverymen selection.

Ryu Seok’s truth is revealed to people after it is discovered by 5’8, and he gets killed for his misdeeds. Ryu-Seok would pollute the air to sell manufactured oxygen to the people residing in the general district. It gets revealed that Ryu-seok does experiments on children to find the cure for his illness.

Black Knight Filming Locations-

1.Omnogovie Province, Mongolia

The Korean series Black Knight is mainly filmed in Mongolia, a country located in East Asia with sunny weather throughout the year. Mongolia shares the border with Russia and China. Black Knight filming began in March 2022 and finished in the summer of 2022. The country is suffering from environmental issues, in reality, with land degradation and air and water pollution.

Black Knight
Filming Location- Mongolia [Credits- Netflix]

Omnogove is a province established in the South of Mongolia in the Gobi desert. Omnogovie is the primary location used by the crew of Black Knights for filming the series’ prominent scenes, as the deserted look was desired by the director and producer of the series. Bulgan in Mongolia, an administrative center, was used to capture several parts of the series.

The Flaming Cliff is visible in several parts of the series. The crew of the series also used Khongoryn Els Landscape to film some of the scenes of the series. The deserted area seen by the viewers in the series was constructed by the crew for the series filming. VFX is used to film several scenes in the series.

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