The 15 Famous Celebrity Marriages that Led to Divorce 

‘Till death do us part’ is the most beautiful vow exchanged at the altar between two people who decide to spend the rest of their lives together. But guess what? Many married couples, even celebrities, decide to go apart well before death, and I’m sure they all have valid reasons, or at least I think they do.

This brings us to tell you about the 15 famous celebrity marriages that led to divorce. Just to confirm your confusion, let me inform you that there are way more divorces among celebrities than 15, but if I write about them all, I may have to write a book that will have no end! Maybe I can name it the ‘Encyclopedia of broken Celebrity marriages!’

Ok, that’s it. I’m done trying to be funny. The marriage department is a massacre when it comes to celebrities. Some couples divorce after a few days, some divorce and remarry each other, whereas other stars have made a habit of getting married and divorced. It’s like a never-ending thing.

Starting from Pamela Anderson, who had divorced her husband only after 122 days, to the most talked about controversial couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who recently kept us glued to their court case. We have all the inside gossip of why a total of fifteen celebrity couples couldn’t stick to their vows, along with details of when they got married and when their union broke apart.

I’m in a generous mood today. That’s why I will give you a glance at the names of the marriages that we will spill the beans about.

NamesDuration of the Marriage
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West2014 – 2022
Megan Fox & Brian Austin2010 – 2022
Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux2015 – 2018
Johnny Depp & Amber Heard2015 – 2017
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt2014 – 2019
Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck2005 – 2018
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon2008 – 2016
Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise2006 – 2012
Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett Johansson2008 – 2010
Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez2004 – 2014
Madonna & Guy Ritchie2000 – 2008
Kid Rock & Pamela Anderson2001 – 2006
Brad Pitt & Jenifer Aniston2000 – 2005
Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman1990 – 2001
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore1987 – 2000

1. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West (2014 – 2022)

Let’s start off with the reality star Kim Kardashian’s third marriage. She fell in love with American rapper Kayne West and tied the knot in 2014 after dating for a couple of years.

Sadly the marriage had its share of ups and downs from the beginning, and one of the reasons was Kayne’s ongoing drama on Twitter, which caused friction between him and many other stars. This, in turn, caused problems in his married life as Kim couldn’t stand this behavior of his.

However, everything came out to the public in 2020 when Kim Kardashian finally opened up about Kayne’s mental state, saying he had bipolar disorder, which is related to mood swings.

Kayne tweeted that his mother-in-law wanted to lock him up, and he wanted to divorce Kim. Apparently, whatever he said was because of his mental state, and people should not take it seriously. But we all know that once something is said, there is bound to be some truth behind it.

So yes, in the following year, 2021, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2022 as she could no longer put up with her husband’s appalling behavior. However, both of them share custody of their four children, and no matter what, Kim still compliments Kanye on being an excellent father.

2. Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green (2010 – 2022)

Hollywood actress Megan Fox and actor Brian Austin Green got married in 2010, which was their first marriage, but unfortunately, after ten years, the couple decided to separate. In 2022 Megan Fox filed for divorce, which was finalized in the same year.

Now comes the reason; well, there are always two sides to a story, which is no different in this case either. Apparently, Megan got fed up with Brian’s behavior of always portraying her as an absent mother, which resulted in many irreconcilable issues. One thing led to another, finally ending the marriage.

Ok, and the number two reason is, well, do I even need to state the obvious? Although Megan always denies that her current fiance, actor Machine Gun Kelly, who she met in 2019, is not the reason for divorce but the way they act in public is utterly disgraceful. They are all over each other, and the couple even admitted to drinking each other’s blood.

Maybe that’s a thing nowadays, you know, get divorced, make out in public, and drink blood to prove that you are genuinely in love. It’s either this or I must be ancient!

Jokes aside, Fox and Green maintain a friendly relationship and co-parent their three children.

3. Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux (2015 – 2018)

Another famous celebrity marriage that led to divorce was between American actress Jenifer Anston and actor Justin Theroux. They tied the knot in 2015 and announced their divorce in 2018, which was a mutual decision. Oh, and just for the record, this was Jenifer’s second marriage and Justin’s first.

According to sources, the couple split up due to their different lifestyles and personalities. They also had difficulty deciding where to reside as Jenifer always wanted to live on the West Coast and Justin preferred the East Coast.

4. Johnny Depp & Amber Heard (2015 – 2017)

‘My dog stepped on a bee’ was the famous dialogue that was made fun of all over the internet. Yes, and all the credit goes to Amber Heard’s facial expressions when quoting the line in court last year during the trial for the defamation case against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

Please tell me you remember all the courtroom drama because I sure did! Anyway, the actors became man and wife in 2015, which was the second time Johnny Depp got married, but the marriage was a short one, and it only lasted for 15 months, after which Amber filed for a divorce in 2016, which was finalized in 2017. The actress received $7 million as settlement money from her first divorce.

Now here is the controversial part: Amber Heard apparently went through a series of domestic violence attacks while married to Johnny Depp, which she publicly disclosed, mentioning that this was the main reason for divorce. But repeated investigations later pointed out that the actress was lying and trying to defame Johnny Depp.

Last year a six-week trial was held for the defamation case against Johnny Depp, where he wanted to sue Amber Heard for $50 million. Luck was in Johnny’s favor as all the evidence pointed out the actor did not even lay a finger on Amber. But surprisingly, she was the violent one who broke bottles and did a few hilarious things. I’m sure you all know what I mean!

Johnny Depp won the case, and the court settled the case where Amber only had to pay her ex-husband $1 million.

5. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt (2014 – 2019)

This famous celebrity marriage that led to divorce truly broke the hearts of many fans, as the two were said to be a match made in heaven! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt romanced for twelve years before getting married in 2014, but the marriage only lasted for two years. Angelina filed for a divorce in 2016, which was official in 2019—leading to Angelina’s third divorce and Brad Pitt’s second.

Do you know why? Well, shockingly, it was a case of abuse. One of the incidents occurred when the actor grabbed the actress by her head and punched her against the bathroom wall while traveling in their private jet.

Although the marriage ended badly, they both share equal custody of their six children.

6. Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck (2005 – 2018)

When people are in love, it always seems that marriage is the only thing that will strengthen the relationship. But as unrealistic as it may sound, sometimes marriage can lead to a relationship deteriorating, which is why Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, the Hollywood couple, ended their marriage.

They met each other on the sets of ‘Pearl Harbour’ in 2002 while Jennifer was still married to her first husband. Eventually, the actors tied the knot in 2005. The couple had three children in the years 2005, 2009, and 2012 consequently. But in 2015, Garner and Affleck made their separation public saying that it was a mutual decision but one which was hard to make, after which 2017 they filed for divorce was finalized the year after in 2018.

Why did the couple get divorced? The answer is simple: they both grew apart. Although they tried hard to make the marriage work for the kids, the whole family was unhappy with the depressing surroundings. The marriage even made Ben Affleck consume alcohol on a regular basis because he said that he felt trapped and had to be there because of the kids.

However, both Garner and Affleck took the tough decision of calling it quits for the well-being of the family. Currently, the two are good friends and share equal responsibility for their three children.

Till now, Jennifer Garner does not hesitate to admit that Ben Affleck was the love of her life!

7. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon (2008 – 2016)

The American singer Mariah Carey who had been married once before, met comedian Nick Cannon for the first time in 2005, after which they married in 2008.

Although the singer was absolutely not at all interested in having kids when she fell for Cannon, her mind changed, which is why they married so quickly.

However, as easy as it may sound, bringing up a child is no joke. It’s a matter of patience, dedication, and sacrifice to the fullest. This is why after Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon welcomed their fraternal twins in 2011, they could not balance their careers and family equally.

Since both of them were in the entertainment industry, it was pretty challenging to make time to give to the children, which led to arguments and eventually divorce in 2016.

Nonetheless, the two celebrities co-parent the twins and are on good terms with one another.

8. Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise (2006 – 2012)

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise tied the knot in 2006, a Scientologist wedding with many celebrities present. Everyone thought that the fairytale would not end and we would see the couple grow old together. But unfortunately, this famous celebrity marriage led to divorce after six years of marriage in 2012.

Although none of the actors did reveal the reason for the divorce, apparently Tom Cruise’s religion, which is Scientology, had a considerable role to play in their relationship. The Scientology organization’s most famous celebrity member is Tom Cruise, as he is also friends with the leader David Miscavige.

Apparently, Katie Holmes was against raising their daughter Suri, according to the religion of Scientology. And Tom being such a true devotee of the organization, created issues in the marriage.

However, the actor was even surprised when Katie Holmes filed for a divorce as he said it was totally unexpected. But according to sources, he made a divorce deal with Holmes implying that she was not allowed to share any details of the split up along with staying single for five years.

The divorce marked the end of Tom Cruise’s third marriage and Katie Holmes’ only marriage so far. If I may add, Katie got full custody of their daughter Suri, with whom Tom has not bothered to keep in touch with till now.

9. Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett Johansson (2008 -2010)

The Deadpool actor Ryan Renolds and Black Window star Scarlett Johnson walked down the aisle in 2008 after dating secretly for five years.

Being at the height of their careers, both of the actors had become increasingly busy with their work schedules, and none of them had time for each other. It was all about working and then going home to sleep. The famous couple had no date nights, which eventually led to the romance being lost between the two.

In 2010, after two years of marriage, the couple announced their divorce, saying it was a mutual decision. Although the reason for the split was unknown, in 2016, Johansson remarked that Reynolds was jealous of her success which turned him into becoming a control freak.

10. Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez (2004 – 2014)

Fans were ecstatic when two of the most prominent musicians in the industry tied the knot in 2004, which was Jenifer Lopez’s first marriage and Marc Anthony’s second. The two were always a very lovey-dovey couple and even occasionally performed together.

Unfortunately, not everything we see is to be believed. In this case, no one would have guessed that their marriage was falling apart behind closed doors. The two separated in 2011 due to continuous arguments, which was not at all healthy for the couple’s twins that they shared.

Marc filed for a divorce in the following year, in 2012, which was finalized in 2014, where Jenifer got sole custody of the children.

Nonetheless, this famous celebrity marriage that led to divorce was a shock for all of us as the couple was really tight-knit. Anyway, the two have not let these personal issues affect their careers, as they worked together even after the divorce.

11. Madonna & Guy Ritchie (2000 – 2008)

Singer Madonna’s second marriage was to film director Guy Ritchie in 2000, which was the second time he got married too.

Despite Madonna being ten years older than her husband, they still managed to find love. Things were going smoothly at the beginning until a few years into marriage, as the relationship became boring. Madonna, in fact, said that the romance was gone.

The divorce was a mutual decision between the two, and Guy Ritchie got custody of their son in 2008.

12. Kid Rock & Pamela Anderson 2006

The Baywatch babe’s second marriage with husband Kid Rock only lasted a whopping 122 days!!! Hilarious, right?

Although the marriage was a blast, according to Kid Rock, apparently, he sometimes lost his cool with Pamela and ended up insulting her.

Things got sour between the two when Bob saw the movie ‘Borat’ for the first time, where Pamela was featured. He was not at all a fan of the film and started throwing slang words at Pamela in front of everyone. In his opinion, she humiliated herself by participating in the movie.

Gradually one thing led to another, and the distance grew between them as Pamela did not want to be around her husband anymore. As a result, they got divorced and parted ways after four months.

13. Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston (2000-2005)

They were such a picture-perfect couple; I still am a big fan of both of these actors, to be honest. Do you remember the episode of ‘Friends’ where Brad made a special appearance? They always looked good together.

Brad and Jennifer married in 2000 in a ceremony with close friends and relatives. It was the first time they married, and we all thought it would last. Anyway, the actor could not stay faithful as he started cheating on Jen with Angelina Jolie, whom he came close to while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

As soon as Jenifer discovered what was happening behind her back, she filed for a divorce in 2004, which was finalized in 2005.

14. Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman (1990-2001)

The two stars from the controversial movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ tied the knot in 1990, which was Cruise’s second marriage and Nichole’s first. This was one of the most talked about famous celebrity marriages that led to divorce, and the reason is similar to why Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split ways.

Although the couple never revealed why they split up, Tom’s religion was a key factor. The leaders of Scientology became worried as they thought Nicole might pull Tom away from their organization. Nicole did do a few courses as she considered joining the society but later, the actress backed out, and that’s when Tom started to distance himself from her. In fact, the Church had also taken part in creating distance between Nicole and her two adopted children.

This eventually led to the two gettings divorced in 2001, with Nicole getting full custody of the two kids.

15. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore (1987 – 2000)

One of Hollywood’s most famous couples, who ended their marriage after 13 years, undoubtedly has managed to keep their friendship going. Yes, we are talking about the actor Bruce Willis who had the leading role in the movie ‘Die Hard’ and Demi Moore, who played the leading role in the film ‘Striptease.’ The two stars tied the knot in 1987 and welcomed three children during their marriage.

Although the couple has kept mum about the reason for divorce, it has been known that Bruce was controlling and wanted Demi to be a stay home mum rather than make films.

Nonetheless, the two actors still make public appearances as friends and never fail to show support towards one another. Both Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are currently married to others, but they still co-parent their three girls.


Phew, that was a long read, wasn’t it? I hope I didn’t bore you, though. I don’t know about you, but I have certainly lost track of how many times each actor and actress tied the knot.

Although some of the marriages seemed like a joke bound to end like Pamela Anderson’s. But most of the famous celebrity marriages that led to divorce did leave us heartbroken.

To be honest, it’s sad how some couples split due to infidelity, such as Jenifer Aniston divorcing Brad Pitt because of his affair with Angelina Jolie. Another case is Megan Fox’s marriage which ended due to her romancing Machine Gun Kelly.

However, some couples mutually decided to part ways as their married life was not going as smoothly as planned, such as Marc Anthony and Jenifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Nick Cannon, and also Ben Affleck and Jenifer Garner. But the most talked about divorce would have to be Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as they both faced each other in court and kept us entertained for a few days.

Nonetheless, it’s always lovely to see ex-married couples getting along and co-parenting their children, which Bruce Willis and Demi Moore do with pride, and they enjoy it too.

Well, that’s all I have for you today, but from the bottom of my heart, I hope all our favorite celebrities find the right partner to start with until death separates them from one another.

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