Apple TV+’s scripted comedy series Ted Lasso featuring Jason Sudeikis just wrapped up its third season with great fanfare. The season’s closure was an excellent episode which we’ll unpack for you, and bear in mind that there are spoilers in this piece, and we don’t want to ruin the fun for you. 

In any case, this was the most Ted Lasso episode out of the entire Ted Lasso series, as it was centered almost in its entirety on him just as the team faces the final match of the season.

Who would’ve thought that a show about a college football coach from the United States landing in England to coach a football team —a sport from which the man has no idea— would become such a hit, managing to win a couple of Emmy Awards in the way? 

Ted Lasso
A still from the third season of the series (Credit: Apple TV+)

Ted Lasso Season 3 Ending Explained

“The final episode of the series was a true cliffhanger. It’s revealed that Ted will be leaving AFC Richmond to return home to Kansas to be with his son. While many characters, notably Rebecca, hope he’ll stay, Lasso’s unorthodox coaching methods have propelled the team to the cusp of winning the championship title.

Their final showdown against Manchester City concludes with a symbolic victory over the series’ main villain, Rupert (Rebecca’s ex-hubby). Thanks to Ted’s quirky teaching both on and off the field, AFC Richmond is able to beat Manchester City for the win.” 

Does AFC Richmond Win The Title?

The team that Ted Lasso coaches, AFC Richmond, wins the match, but they don’t win the Premier League. Still, the team made it from being a relatively mediocre team to a really competitive one thanks to the effort that Ted did since he took over the club. 

Does Rebecca Sell AFC Richmond At The End Of Ted Lasso?

Yes, Rebecca decided to sell a significant stake in the team’s shares after the AFC Richmond club became a profitable and competitive club. Initially, Rebecca had really bad feelings about the club thanks to her failed marriage, but after seeing what that sports team is capable of, she eventually ended up opening her heart and likes AFC Richmond. 

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What Happened To The Love Triangle Between Roy, Jamie, and Keely?

One of the main story arcs between the characters of Ted Lasso was a constant love triangle and the romantic struggle between Roy Kent, Jamie Tart, and Keeley Jones. In the end, Keeley goes her own way and leaves Roy and Jamie because they are both emotionally immature. Furthermore, Keeley eventually ends up managing a company and pitches AFC Richmond the idea of starting a women’s team. 

Roy Kent got the job as a manager at AFC Richmond and is going to therapy with Dr. Sharon, who now has a job at the club handling mental health issues. And as for Jamie, he patched things up with his alcoholic father as he’s going through a rehab process. 

Ted Lasso
There was a lot of lockers talk this season (Credit: Apple TV+)

What Happened To Ted Lasso At The End Of Season 3?

The final episode features a pretty extensive montage in which the viewers get to see the story arc of each secondary character come to a close, Keeley moves on personally in her love life, and professionally, Roy ends up handling the club, Rebecca sells shares the club, Jamie is mending his father-son relationship with his dad. Each of these segments of the final episode gives us a prelude to what’s coming: A happy ending for everyone.

And then we eventually move on to Ted. At the end of the montage, we see that Ted is simply moving on. The conclusion, even with that Cat Stevens song “Father and Son,” in the end, paves the way for everything and nothing all at the same time.

For one part, Apple TV+ could pick up some stories for a spinoff or just end the whole thing right there. In any case, Ted Lasso’s ending was a positive, upbeat, and happy one.

It’s worth noting that Ted Lasso came out at a moment when everyone was locked at home, facing a pandemic and tough times, so the positive, cool vibes that the show had given everyone that watched it was a shining beacon of hope. 

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