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Is the Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch married? Is he dating anyone at the moment? Well, well, that’s why we are here to answer all the questions racing through your mind about the actor.

Let’s dig into Taylor Kitsch’s dating history and see what he has been up to with the ladies in the past after all the actor has been connected to a few well-known women, including Minka Kelly and his co-star Rachel McAdams from the series ‘True Detective.’

Keep reading as we reveal the details of all five women Taylor Kitsch has romanced and whether the actor is currently in a relationship.

For now, let me give you a head start on the names of the ladies who played a part in Kitch’s love life.

Taylor Kitsch Dating History Overview 

NamesDating Period
Laura Csortan2006-2007
Jessica White2007
Minka Kelly2017
Jennifer Welch2014
Rachel McAdams2015-2016

1. Laura Csortan

The former Miss Australia Laura Csortan, who is now an actress, tv producer, and model, was seen working with Taylor Kitsch in 2008. At the time, they were shooting X-Men Origins: Wolverine and were often seen hanging out with one another in Australia, which led to rumors of the couple dating.

However, neither of the two spilled the beans about their relationship. So sadly, till now, we have been left in the dark about Taylor Kitsch’s first relationship.

2. Jessica White

There is both a positive and negative side to more or less everything in life, and being famous is no different either. The personal lives of celebrities are always out in the open, and to add to it, they have to bear with the rumors that constantly surround them.

According to sources, Taylor Kitsch’s second relationship with Victoria’s Secret runway model Jessica White was also a rumor.

Both Kitsch and White came into the limelight in 2007 when they worked together on a steamy calendar shoot.

This led to many rumors being speculated about the duo being an item. I mean, just have a look at the pictures of the photo shoot. The level of chemistry between the two is truly mind-bending.

Once again, this relationship wasn’t confirmed, marking it as the second rumor in Taylor Kitsch’s dating history. One can indeed say that either Kitsch enjoys being surrounded by rumors or he maintains a low profile about his love life.

3. Minka Kelly

How many of you here are into sports and like to watch movies or tv series about it?

Whatever your answer is, you cannot miss the sports drama tv series ‘Friday Night Lights,’ where Taylor Kitsch plays the role of Tim Riggins opposite Minka Kelly, who plays Lyla Garrity.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, after the two got together for the show, there were rumors in the air about the couple getting romantically involved, just like they played each other’s love interest in the series.

Was this relationship a rumor, too, or did the two date? Later in 2018, in a radio interview, Taylor Kitsch admitted that he was with Kelly Minka, and they allegedly broke up in the summer of 2007.

4. Jennifer Welch

Taylor Kitsch’s dating history involves being linked to fitness instructor Jennifer Welch who he apparently dated in 2014. The two were seen together in public a few times and were photographed at the 6th Annual African Children’s Choir Changemakers Gala in New York.

Sadly that’s all we have about this relationship. Moving on, did Taylor Kitsch actually fall in love and date the next woman on our list? Or was it just another rumor?

Well, you will have to stick with us to find out if Kitsch finally found his woman.

5. Rachel McAdams

I’m sure you are wondering how Taylor Kitsch ended up being linked with Rachel Adams. Well, those of you who are into watching series must have indeed come across the crime drama television show ‘True Detective.’

Although the series is a pretty dark one, there was some real-life drama behind the scenes where  Kitsch and McAdams were co-stars. Can you guess what happened? Drum rolls, please….. apparently the two Canadian best friends were romancing off-screen. Yep, there you have it. They were even spotted having dinner together in private, possibly adding some spice to Taylor Kitsch’s love life.

But as I have told you earlier, Kitsch likes to keep his relationships under wraps, yet again leaving us to figure out what actually happened between him and McAdams. Some sources say that they were an item for a few months, whereas other sources say that McAdams just laughed it off when she heard what was going around regarding her dating Kitsch.

Sorry to let you down again, but whether the ‘True Detective’ co-stars were in a relationship from 2015-2016 remains unknown.

But nonetheless, they maintain a very good relationship as they have known each other for ages.

Final Thought

If I had things my way, I would literally go up to Taylor Kitsch and ask him about his love life. I mean, how secretive and mysterious can one be? Being a celebrity, I must say this guy sure does know how to keep mum about his relationships. Maybe other well-known stars need to take lessons from Kitsch on how to stay out of the limelight!!!

Ok, enough of me and my thoughts; let’s get down to Taylor Kitsch’s dating history, where we can honestly say that he was involved in a bunch of rumors. Oh yes, then again, Kitsch did admit to having a relationship with model Minka Kelly, but the rest still need confirmation. But there is no news of him being married in the past or even thinking about getting married soon, as far as we can see.

Currently, the 41-year-old actor is playing it cool and has remained single for a long time. Maybe he finally got fed up with all the rumors and decided to focus on his career for the time being.

Whatever the case, we sincerely hope that Taylor Kitsch finds his perfect match and settles down.

That’s all we have for you up our sleeves today but stay tuned as we will be back with more celebrity gossip before you know it!!

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