“Taking Half The House That He Didn’t Pay For” | Kelsea Ballerini Criticizes Morgan Evans For

Kelsea Ballerini is talking about her relationship and divorce for the first time ever. The 29-year-old performer is scheduled to speak on the “Call Her Daddy” webcast on Wednesday, February 22, and according to the first look, she’s not shy about discussing her divorce from Morgan Evans.

Ballerini tells Alex Cooper in a promo that came out on Monday, February 20 that “she didn’t want to get married, she swore she would never get married,”. She then quotes lyrics from her song “Mountain With a View,” which came out on Valentine’s Day. I think he loved me more when I was 23 and I love myself more now that I’m 29.

Ballerini and Evans, who are both 37, got engaged in December 2016 and got married in December 2017 but she took the decision to take a divorce in August 2022.

Did it turn ugly?” In the clip, Cooper asks.

“Yes, it did,” she replies. The publication of his song about being surprised comes with his taking ownership of half of a house he hasn’t paid for. How could I have been married to this person for so long and not know that this part of their personality was hidden inside?”

Us Weekly found out in November 2022 that the couple’s divorce was final and according to the court papers, the two artists had a written agreement and split their furniture and other personal property.

Sources had told Us before that the couple had “privately split up at one point” before going to therapy to try to fix their marriage. During her conversation with Cooper, Ballerini talks about Evans’ “Over For You” breakup song.

“I would have looked all over the world for you, flown all night to be your shoulder, and I would have let go if you had asked me to,” he sings. “How many times have you told me you loved me when you didn’t? I’m just curious: how long has it been since you’ve been happy?

Rolling Up the Welcome Mat, her six-song EP that came out on February 14, seemed to be a direct response to the song.

She sings in “Blindsided,” “And now you’re saying that you’re lost, and that’s lost on me/ Years of sitting across from me in therapy.” The lyrics continue, “I know the truth is bitter, but it was not hard to find. Baby, were you blindsided or just blind?”

In “Penthouse,” she also talks about how they split up their assets.

“The song says, “I bought the house with a wall, space for some kids, and a lawn for Dibs. “I thought that would make everything better, and perhaps everlastingly wouldn’t feel like the walls are closing in.”

It hurts to put stuff in a box, and now we don’t talk. It hurts to roll up the welcome mat, knowing that you got half.

Since then, Chase Stokes has been linked to Ballerini.

“Am I ready to start dating again?… I’ve never been on a real date. In the teaser, she tells Cooper, “I don’t know how it works.” “Am I lonely? No.”

However, the host asked with a smile, are you dating Chase Stokes?

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