Suffragist Jane Fonda

It’s been decades since Jane Fonda came out as a feminist, but she wasn’t always so vocal about her beliefs. “I considered women as weak. I had always had the mentality that “I’ve got to move my wagon to a man,” and it started when I was very young.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, which was published on Friday, Jane Fonda said that once she became an anti-war activist in the 1960s, she met a different variety of women than when she attended elite schools as a child. This new perspective gave her confidence. “I’ve become a much healthier person by opening myself up to feminism and to women’s friendships,” the star of 80 stated.

Fonda, who has had an acting career dating back to the 60s, also discussed the #MeToo movement so that she can call out and end sexual violence. This movement has been responsible for bringing down once-powerful men in the entertainment industry, such as Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer.

Fonda revealed her regret that no one listened to the Black women speaking out against the abuse for years. She expressed that it took movie stars to give this campaign legs. Then she stated that “many people, in the beginning, believed [MeToo] went too far, canceling and all that kind of stuff, and went on to elaborate.

“Every movement has a starting point. Though they cannot be flawless right out of the box, this has given women the confidence to share their minds. I cannot say with certainty whether or not it has made guys reconsider their actions. In truth, I do not know.”

Jane Fonda doesn’t want to think about the upcoming remake of Barbarella, in which she played an astronaut from the future. In October, it was claimed that Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney would portray the role made famous by Fonda in a film that is currently being made.

When asked about her opinion on the upcoming venture, Fonda replied: “I try not to think about it. Simply because I’m concerned about the outcome.”

“The late producer Dino De Laurentiis wouldn’t listen to my suggestion about how to go about it [making a second film of Virginia Woolf’s “Orlando”], but I had a good notion about how to execute it. It has the potential to be an authentically feminist film.”

Despite poor reviews from critics of the first film, Fonda’s acting career took off after its release. She was selected for an Academy Award in 1970 for They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? and won the award for Klute in 1972.

Her father, the late actor Henry Fonda, had a distinguished acting career. Since then, she has been nominated for a further four awards and won one for Coming Home in 1979. Even though Fonda is a famous actress, she knows that many people think that fame comes to celebrities’ kids too easily because of their parents. She understands that some people call these kinds of kids “nepotism babies.”

Jane Fonda said, “When you’re famous, people give you things.” Her father – Henry Fonda – played Abraham Lincoln in John Ford’s acclaimed 1940 version of The Grapes of Wrath and later in Young Mr. Lincoln (1936).

“That’s something I’ve never been able to understand,” she said. “When I was seven, a Studebaker and a TV were given to my family as gifts. Those gifts will always be in my mind.” Through Jane Fonda’s Workout brand, Fonda is known not only as an actress and activist but also as someone who has been interested in fitness for a long time and is seen by some as an expert on fitness.

She confirmed that she continued her exercise regimen even though she was undergoing chemotherapy to treat non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which she found out about in September. She stated that the disease “struck me to the core.” “Sometimes my energies just gave out,” Fonda said.

“In a normal situation, I am able to maintain a pushup for several minutes. After the chemotherapy had been administered to me for thirty seconds, I would pass out.” However, Fonda reported one month ago that her cancer is currently in remission. Since then, she has resumed participating in protests in person.

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