Steven Macmillan Arrested What Does He Do And Where Is The Dentist Now

Yes, the dentist Steven Macmillan was arrested.

Steven Macmillan is a licensed dentist who lives in Strathaven and when the news came out that he had been arrested, he became an interesting topic on the internet.

Macmillan has been a dentist for a long time, and a Check Company said that he was connected to STEVEN MACMILLAN BDS LTD, a Private Limited Company from Strathaven.

Steven’s personal and professional life is not well known because he just got arrested and the news came out about it.

Steven’s name has been all over town since he was arrested, and people are worried about him. So, if you want to know more about him, you should keep reading until the end of this article.

Is Steven Macmillan Arrested?

Steven Macmillan has been taken into custody and the news rapidly spread on social media, mostly on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

The Child Protection Team UK told their followers on social media about his arrest. It is also said that Macmillan was caught on March 8, 2023.

A user’s TikTok video gave more information about why Steven was being held. It is said that Macmillan used an app to talk to a 13-year-old girl on Snapchat using a picture of his own son.

People are making videos about it and posting them on social media, and some are requesting what a dentist does.

What Did Dentist Steven Macmillan Do?

As was already said, Steven Macmillan used a picture of his son to talk to a young girl on the app Snapchat. He has been married to his wife for 25 years, but her name has yet not been published on the net.

It is said that the certified dentist made the young girl do bad things about which he said he did not do any of the things that were said about him, and still he was arrested.

Macmillan also sent voice messages to the woman, and his wife of 25 years proved that it was her husband’s voice. So, his wife and family are all shocked by what Macmillan did.

Where is Steven Macmillan?

Steven Macmillan has been arrested, but there are no details about where he is now. He might be having trouble as he is behind the jail. This news is in progress, and soon there will be more information.

People are very curious about Macmillan on social media and they are also saying a lot of things to his family, who are now completely shocked.

The group that helped get Steven arrested is called the Child Protection Team. They are an online team based in Scotland that helps protect children all over the UK.

Since they are getting a lot of bad feedback, it seems like they have also taken out some information about Macmillan’s wife. On the other hand, the team has more than 35,000 people who follow them on Facebook.

They have also asked people to stop making assumptions about Macmillan’s wife. As people on social media become more interested in this case, the team may give more information about Steven’s condition.

Steven was born in April 1972 and is a married man he does not have any children as there is no information on the internet.

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