Bridget Everett fans were ecstatic to know that the locations for her comedy series titled Somebody Somewhere were spotted and their curiosity will finally be solved. Directed by Jay Duplass and Robert Cohen, the comedy series is still ongoing with its second season and focuses on Sam, a 40-year-old woman having a midlife crisis. 

Somebody Somewhere has two seasons as of 2023 with 12 episodes, each having a run time ranging between 24-30 minutes. Produced by Shuli Harel, the series stars Bridget Everett playing the role of Sam, a 40-year-old woman having a midlife crisis, Jeff Hiller playing the role of Joel, Sam’s friend, Mary Catherine Garrison playing the role of Tricia Miller, owner of Tender Moments, Danny McCarthy playing the role of Rick, husband of Tricia, Mike Hagerty playing the role Ed Miller, Sam’s father, Murray Hill playing the role of Fred Rococo, a soil scientist, and Heidi Johanningmeier playing the role of Charity in the lead cast.

Somebody Somewhere
A Still From Somebody Somewhere [Credits- HBO]

The recurring cast consists of Mercedes White playing the role of Tiffani, Sam’s friend, Kailey Albus playing the role of Shanon, Tricia’s daughter, Josh Bywater playing the role of Coop, Tim Bagley playing the role of Brd Schraeder, Joel’s love, and Jennifer Mudge playing the role of Darlene, Sam’s coach.

Somebody Somewhere focuses on a woman named Sam living in Manhattan who is unhappy with her life, which leads to her having a mid-life crisis. After having a mid-life crisis at 40, the woman goes on a search for her happiness. Duplass Brothers Productions, with The Mighty Mint, undertook the production of the series Someone Somewhere. The series was ordered by HBO in the July of 2020 with seven episodes, with each episode running for around 24-30 minutes.

Viewers loved the way the series captivated the essence of life filled with grace and dignity as Bridget goes on a journey to discover herself at 40. Somebody Somewhere had the viewers engrossed with its beautiful storyline and conventional performance of Bridget.

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Somewhere Somebody Premise 

The first season of Somebody Somewhere dealt with Sam going through the grief of losing her sister Holly and the devastation she felt from her sisters’ death led Sam to question her life. The first episode begins with the introduction of Sam, who is on an emotional journey as she struggles to deal with Holly’s death. Sam befriends Joel, her colleague, who offers Sam a chance at life as she has been divorced recently.

Joel helps Sam to reconnect with singing, as it is her passion as she continues to navigate through her hurtful past. Sam struggles to navigate through her dysfunctional family alongside finding solace in a group of misfits. Sam gives a powerful performance on stage that leads the viewers to believe that she is a strong independent woman who will come through the hardships of her life.

A romance begins to blossom between Sam and Drew, her neighbor. Drew has a great sense of humor that intrigues Sam and makes her attracted to her. Sam finds Solace in her passion for singing while balancing her love life and navigating through her grief of losing her sister. Sam struggles to get comfortable in her skin and overcome her insecurities.

Sam slowly begins to embrace herself and come out of her sister’s shadow. Drew is arrested for drug possession, thus leaving a shattered Sam behind. Sam starts becoming suspicious of Rick as he carries a massive amount of cash. Drew acts shady, and Sam convinces Joel to be her driver to follow Rick everywhere.

Sam and Joel miss crucial information on Rick as they fall asleep in their car while following her. Sam begins writing her goals in a diary to fulfill them while she and Joel start to spend more time together. Sam confronts Rick after discovering two cell phones in his bag.

Somebody Somewhere
Bridget As Sam [Credits- HBO]

Sam is encouraged to sing at the church by her friends, including Fred. Sam sings gospel in triumph as she feels powerful while she is following her heart. Sam tries to convince her dad to consider sending Mary to rehab, considering her behavior. Sam continues to battle the challenges in personal and professional life. A confrontation takes place between Sam and her father after she discovers a pile of clutter in their family home, thus giving a glimpse of Sam’s father’s struggle dealing with the grief of losing his daughter.

Another incident that turns Sam’s life around is when she witnesses Rick with her sister Trish. The series moves forward with Joel getting a dog and taking it to a vet. Sam discovers Rick is cheating on Trish but struggles to decide whether to tell him. Sam gets trapped in a storm when she reaches her barn, and as she is trapped there with her sister, she spills the beans, thus making the revelation to Trish about Rick’s affair. Trish ends vomits and collapses afterward as she can’t deal with the truth.

At Joel and Roger’s arrival, the duo discovers Trish and Sam in a heated argument. Rick is thrown out of the house by Joel. Sam struggles to make a choice for her career after quitting Monica’s performance. Joel comforts Sam with milkshakes; meanwhile, in therapy, Mary confesses to her struggles with addiction. The first season ends with Sam’s realization of how far she has made it, and even though life could be tough, she can handle it.

Somebody Somewhere Filming Locations-

The prime location for the filming of the series Somebody Somewhere are Illinois, Warrenville, and Chicago. Somebody Somewhere filming began in the October of 2019, though the production of the series was delayed due to COVID-19.

1. Lockport, Illinois

Lockport is a beautiful city and town located in New York in the U.S. Lockport stands at a population of 21, 165 with several tourist attractions open for visitors throughout the year. Lockport has pleasant weather throughout the year, and it was used by the production crew as the primary location for Somebody Somewhere’s filming.

Somebody Somewhere
Filming Location- Illinois [Credits- HBO]

Located at Summit Drive, Berkot’s Super Food was used by the crew to film several important parts of the series. Lockport, located on the Des Plaines of the eastern banks, was used to film some renowned scenes of the series, including the scene where Sam and her sister are trapped in the barn.

2. Warrenville, Illinois

Warrenville is a picturesque village located in Illinois that was used by the crew to set up their camp to film some of the vital parts of the series. Warrenville is a massive part of the Illinois Research and Technology Corridor. Warrenville is a beautifully planned town with nice subdivisions and neighborhoods.

Somebody Somewhere
Filming Location- Warrenville [Credits- HBO]

A few vital parts of the series are filmed in West Chicago, which is an industrial city located in DuPage County. The crew chose Chicago as one of the prime locations for filming the series due to the talent pool in the city.

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