Some of TV's Most Memorable Cheating Storylines Include

Frequently, drama reigns supreme in TV shows – introducing a classic case of infidelity. From Riverdale’s Betty and Archie to Glee‘s Kurt and Blaine, it seems that the age-old love triangle is here to stay!

Riverdale has been thrilling viewers from the moment it premiered in 2017, with its star-studded cast and suspenseful plot twists. Behind all the iconic Archie Comics characters lies a dark mystery of a murder that brings together an unlikely group of friends as they attempt to unravel Riverdale’s secrets! With its blend of magic, time travel, and riveting storylines, you never know what unexpected surprises might be discovered around every corner…

It all started with two pairs of lovebirds: Betty & Jughead and Archie & Veronica. However, it’s amazing how quickly things can change! In Season 4, the tables turned as an intriguing plot twist brought our beloved characters together in a unique way – fake dating to keep up appearances while everyone was mourning over what they thought was Jughead’s passing … Talk about romance (or lack thereof!)

Two friends felt their decades-old friendship blossom into something much deeper as they sang “The Origin of Love.” After a passionate duet, Betty and Archie were struck by feelings beyond mere camaraderie – culminating in an electric embrace!

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was quick to recognize Betty and Archie’s potential even when they chose not to pursue a romantic relationship in season 4. He believes there is something special about their connection that deserves further exploration!

Betty and Archie got a little closer at the end of last season, but they didn’t quite reach an understanding. While Betty seemed to have no doubt in her feelings for Jughead, poor Archie was left feeling lost – leaving us all wondering what’s next between them! And you bet we’re still exploring Barchie’s relationship as much as ever this season!

Veronica and Jughead have no idea what’s going on – yet. But just you wait, they’ll discover the whole truth in surprising ways! The love triangle may not be over, either. So don’t throw out your popcorn quite yet; there might still be some exciting drama to come!

Betty and Archie had an undeniable connection from the start, but it took a while for things to really heat up. Apa was chomping at the bit ahead of Riverdale’s last season; he just couldn’t wait to see how their love story would end!

Archie loves his relationship with Betty so much that he can see a future together where they’re married and have kids! While the kiss between him and Veronica may not mean anything more to Archie himself, it was still enough for us viewers at home to pause in shock. Now we wait patiently for what will happen next…

There are some unforgettable storylines of cheating listed below that are broadcasted on tv.

1. Betty and Archie (Riverdale)

Their love story was proof that true feelings can break through any obstacle – not even a time jump could keep Betty and Archie apart! They had the chemistry from day one, but it took an innocent duet for them to truly express their emotions. It goes to show: sometimes all you need is a little push – musically or otherwise -to get your happy ending!

2. Cory and Topanga (Boy Meets World)

On an adventurous getaway to a ski lodge, Cory and his friends experienced more than skiing the slopes. Amidst the excitement of their trip, Cory shocked viewers when he shared a passionate kiss with one of the staff members – while already in a relationship with Topanga! Luckily for everyone’s favorite couple on Boy Meets World, they were able to successfully navigate this obstacle together and eventually said ‘I do’ at last.

3. Kurt and Blaine (Glee)

Blaine and Kurt had a rocky moment when Blaine admitted to straying from their relationship during season 4. They poured out all of their emotions in an impromptu rendition of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak,” before making up and ultimately tying the knot! Despite some bumps along the way, these two soulmates made it through Glee with smiles on their faces.

4. Pinstripe and Jane (The Bold Type)

Things were heating up between Jane and Pinstripe, but all that sizzled away after his heartbreaking betrayal. After countless lies about his infidelity, could there still be a chance for this couple to reunite? With strong opinions on both sides of the fence, we’ll just have to stay tuned!

5. Schmidt and Cece (New Girl)

After a case of unfortunate timing, Cece and Schmidt were both hurt – neither aware that the other was going through something similar. But thankfully, it all worked out in the end! These two lovebirds found their way back to one another before New Girl ended its run in 2018.

6. Aidan and Carrie (Sex and the City)

Carrie had her fair share of highs and lows when it came to relationships – from the perfect dream with Aidan, only for a new flame in Mr. Big to light up her life (temporarily). Unfortunately, the spark didn’t last long enough as Carrie eventually decided she wanted something more stable by heading back into familiar waters with old love Aidan; if anything proved true though, it’s that sometimes things just weren’t meant to be!

After a brief separation, the beloved couple is reuniting in Sex and The City’s latest show, And Just Like That. Get ready to experience all the sharing of secrets over brunch that you know and love!

7. Wade and Zoe (Hart of Dixie)

Wade and Zoe had a rocky road to romance, but they eventually got their happily ever after. Though Wade’s doubts initially stood in the way of true love, his wandering eye caused an even bigger hurdle — one that almost broke them apart for good! Eventually, though, it was an accidental pregnancy that brought these two together again and allowed them to start anew before saying goodbye when The CW show wrapped up its final season.

8. Benson and Stabler (Law & Order: SVU)

Benson and Stabler have kept fans at the edge of their seats with all the tension between them. Although they’ve both been in relationships, it’s hard to miss hints that something else might be brewing! Could this dynamic duo finally give in to their feelings? We’ll just have to wait and see…

9. Olivia and Fitz (Scandal)

Fitz and Mellie’s marriage may have been official on paper, but the President of the United States still held a flame for his main romantic interest Olivia. Through the highs and lows, this couple experienced together throughout the Scandal series, ultimately, their love story was victorious – as seen in its endgame happily ever after!

10. Finn and Raven (The 100)

Clarke never expected to feel sparks when she made contact with Finn, but that’s exactly what happened. Stranded on the ground together and desperate for a new start, Clarke found herself drawn in by his charm – little did they know at the time, there was already someone waiting back up in space! Raven entered their lives like an asteroid crashing into Earth: completely unexpected yet life-altering. Despite this major obstacle, though, it looked as if these two could build something special together…too bad fate had other plans before those dreams even began to take shape.

11. Nate and Cassie (Euphoria)

In the second season of Euphoria, Nate and Cassie decided to act on their mutual attraction — but it didn’t take a genius to realize that Maddy would eventually catch wind of her best friend getting close to her ex. Things were about to get complicated!

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