Selena Gomez & Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart’s Wonderful Connection: They’re happy with each other’s company

30- year- old American singer Selena Gomez is having the best times of her life now as she has found someone she can have fun with. Gomez & Taggart were spotted holding each other’s hand recently. Fans are getting impatient to know more about what’s brewing between these two singers. & I’m here to spill the tea.

In the latest issue of Us Weekly, it was revealed that these two have started dating, and both of them are really grateful to be with each other and seem to be really into each other.

The sparks started to fly between them in early 2023. On January 17, the “Wizard of Waverly Place” star stepped out in New York City with  Andrew Taggart. Two of them were photographed at the Gutter bowling alley in the Big Apple, and supposedly, they were on a day date. Later that week both of them were found having dinner and holding hands at Torrisi Bar & Restaurant in New York on January 21.

The “Only Murders In The Building” star and the Chainsmokers musician are very into each other, according to the source, and Selena finds Andrew’s caring nature to be very attractive. Selena loves everything about this renowned musician and is looking forward to a long-term relationship between them as she’s confident about Andrew.

Andrew Taggart was dating Steve Job’s daughter Eve, and their relationship started as a summer fling. Nobody clearly knows when they broke up, but after Andrew Taggart was seen with Selena Gomez, Eve deleted her Instagram account for some reason.

Just like her best friend, Taylor Swift, Selena is also trying to keep her relationship with the musician away from all the extra attention, as her past relationships were harmed because of all the media attention. She’s not going to make the same mistake this time.

According to an insider, both of these singers go bowling and to the movies together and keep it vague to the world. The insider also revealed that they both are very proud that they decided to give this a try and had the guts to go through it.

But fans are eager to know about their favorite star’s love life as Selena has seen many ups and downs in life and had troubling love life before. Fans are praying that she’s having a healthy connection with Andrew Taggart.

Selena posted new Instagram pictures in early January where she was seen partying with her close friends in New York City. Fans assumed she was enjoying her single life avoiding all the gloomy things around the world. But when she was spotted with Andrew holding hands & blushing, fans started to get it.

Her documentary “My Mind & Me” was released on November 2, 2022. In this documentary, we see some of the hardest moments that Selene has been through. Acknowledging all the hardships in her life, it’s really amazing to see her happy with someone.

Both of these artists’ dating life was somewhat troublesome.  Selena’s famous & off relationship with Justin Bieber has really made her scared of being in any relationship. She had a nice thing going on with The Weeknd but it didn’t seem to work out. But fans are really looking forward to Selena’s sweet romantic relationship with Chainsmokers musician Andrew.


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