Disney’s new mystery comedy fill theaters with suspense and laughter. The movie will be started on October 21.

We travel to the fifties to solve the crime proposed by the new Disney production ‘See How They Run.’

The 50s were a time of luxury and sophistication. Some of the best films in history were released during this time. Such as Hitchcock’s Vertigo or John Ford’s The Quiet Man.

Some mythical names in fashion emerged, including Dior, Balenciaga, and Coco Chanel. The star system was in full swing. Marilyn Monroe captured the hearts of both sexes, and Audrey Hepburn was stunned by her elegance.


Searchlight Pictures produced the film See How They Run, and it will be released on October 21 exclusively in cinemas. The period is a sophisticated London of the 50s. And the story is in a transit genre, such as comedy and thriller, seen in real-life references.

A Hollywood producer from the 50s heads to London to bring to the stage an important play written by Agatha Christie called The Mousetrap.

It’s the story of See How They Run, directed by Tom George (This Country). The movie starred Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell, Adrien Brody, Ruth Wilson, and many more.

But a terrible murder will interrupt his work. That moment the peculiar pair of investigators formed by Inspector Stoppard and the novice agent Stalker will enter the scene.

It occurs during the celebration of the first 100 performances of the play in a theatre in London’s West End, the British Broadway.

During it, an important figure of the production appears on stage, dead, without language. At that moment, the play stops and begins an investigation full of mystery and comedy. Among the audience is the author of the play, Agatha Christie, played by Shirley Henderson.

See How They Run is a movie with many crumbs, which will appeal to lovers of meta cinematographic games.

At the same time, two whodunits (a genre that consists of finding out who committed the crime): that of the play produced by the Hollywood tycoon and the one that tries to discover the pair of detectives.

A playful, fast-paced mirror, full of false clues and unexpected twists, will delight the viewer. If you like the film’s protagonists, put on their trench coats and become private detectives.

This film should be enjoyed on the big screen and in the cinema, and so it will be: the premiere is exclusive in theaters.

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