Sean Wilson Returns to Coronation Street as Martin Platt After a New Life

Sean Wilson, who played the character of Sean Tully on the soap opera Coronation Street, was an extremely popular character. At 18, he left his childhood home and migrated to the iconic cobbles of a major city street. Quickly becoming an established figure in its culture, he embraced all it had to offer with open arms.

He was at the center of some of the show’s most exciting storylines from 1985 until 2005 when he left. His nurse character left Weatherfield in 1985 and starred in other programs. After becoming interested in making cheese, Wilson started Saddleworth Cheese Company in 2009. As of 2013, it has grown into a successful business and is now sold by several major supermarket chains in Britain.

Celebrity chef Keith Floyd taught Sean how to cook. He used to have dinner parties for the people he worked with on Coronation Street. He has also worked in restaurants that have special stars given to them by Michelin. And he has his cooking show called Great Northern Cookbook.

The Cheddar cheese has been aged in Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, England, since 1170. It is now a popular food item. The cheese was first made by monks. They wanted it to taste better. Sean worked as a chef and cheese expert for many years. Now he is famous for writing a cookbook about Cheddar.

The book is called Cheddar Gorged. It tells the story of how the cheese has been aged in Cheddar Gorge, near the village of Cheddar in Somerset, England, since 1170. He said: “Since wolves roamed the country.” “I’m ready for this and then some.” Since 2005, Sean has been cooking for a living. He remembers going to a wedding where he tried venison at the reception; it was horrible!

Sean has been cooking since he was a child. He credits his love affair with cheese to the artisan soft cheese Ami du Chambertin in the Burgundy village of Gevrey-Chambertin, known for its wines. “I was using a spoon to eat a cheese that smelled like a barnyard but tasted sweet and mushroomy,” he says. Since leaving Corrie, Sean says cooking has become his life. “We’re very eager to put people in a box, but we have a big brain and lots of interests,” he told us.

“I wrote the book because everybody has a piece of cheddar in their fridge, but few people know how to cook it or eat it. It’s quickly becoming the most popular cheese in the world.”

The book “Gorging on Cheddar” by Sean is a cookbook that uses cheese in 60 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even desserts. One recipe that might surprise people is cheddar ice cream. In 2018, Sean returned to Coronation Street as Martin, Gail’s second husband, David’s father, and Nick and Sarah’s adoptive parents.

After eight years of marriage, Gail and Martin established a connection that defined their relationship as one built on enduring love. They broke up in 1999 because he was having an affair with a nurse. The nurse fell in love with Katy Harris (and celebrated her 17th birthday with her). This caused Katy to get pregnant, but she had an abortion because of a false rumor that Martin slept with Sally Metcalfe (he did not).

In 2005, Martin and Robyn decided to start anew together in another place. The following year marked a significant milestone for them when their daughter Charlotte was welcomed into the world. Fifteen years later, an alarming event took place involving David.

His trusted mechanic Josh Tucker drugged and assaulted him. At the same time, he visited Liverpool to see his dad Martin who had moved abroad with Roby and their new baby by then. Sean said that because he is 57 and still needs to turn, he is curious if the show would suit him.

He laughed and said that maybe the writers were trying to tell him something by sending him to New Zealand. Sean also said he is busy writing books but would think about it if a TV show about the history of cheese was offered to him. He is writing a book about cheese, which he says people will love due to its educational value and all the facts it contains. You can buy Cheddar Gorged on Amazon, at Waterstones, and at WH Smith.

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