Scandal and Controversy Of Katy Perry What Did She Say To The Young Mom

Well, the controversy of Katy Perry about what she said to the young mom has been a hot topic on social sites.

Katy Perry, who has been performing publicly since the year 2001 and has released a great number of songs that have become hits, is often regarded as the best singer in the United States.

Roar, Dark Horse, One of the Boys, and Teenage Drama are just a few of the well-known songs that she has released. Additionally, she is best known for her role as a judge on American Idol, which she began in 2018 during the 16th season of the competition.

Perry has been successful in earning several awards, including five Billboard Music Awards, as a result of the many works that she has produced.

However, when someone is in the public eye, they frequently become involved in controversial situations that happened with Perry.

Perry is currently facing criticism from viewers of American Idol on social media platforms.

Therefore, people have been very interested to know about the controversy so, let us find it out in this article.

Katy Perry’s Scandal And Controversy

Katy Perry, a judge on American Idol, got caught up in the scandal when she allegedly apologized for embarrassing a contestant in exchange for support.

Sara Beth Liebe, who recently called out Katy for mom shaming following her round audition performance on American Idol, battled with being apart from her three children while competing in the singing competition during Hollywood Week. This episode aired on the most recent episode of American Idol.

The young mother was able to perform an outstanding version of Roxanne by The Police, but before the judges could offer their feedback, Sara had an important announcement to make.

Sara announced that it would be her final performance because she felt her heart belonged at home. After Luke Bryan stated that Beth’s choice was a poor one, Katy agreed with him.

Katy expressed her disappointment at Sara’s choice and a few weeks ago, Sara made the accusation that Perry shamed her mother when she was in her audition.

Sara Beth Liebe published her reaction on Twitter shortly after her American Idol audition was broadcast, and it was in response to a joke that Katy Perry had made about her being a young mother.

During the time of the audition, Sara said that she was a mother to three children which left Katy in a state of shock after hearing that revelation, and then she stood up and slowly melted into the judges’ desks.

Sara also said she thinks she is going to pass out if Katy lays on the table and then Katy replied “Honey, you have been lying on the table too much then you should.”

On TikTok, A Young Mother Talked About Mom Shaming

As we all know, Katy Perry was criticized for what she said about the young mother, Sara Beth Liebe. However, Sara has talked about what happened on the video app TikTok.

She posted a TikTok video saying that the comment made on TV was embarrassing. She also said that being a mother and a woman is hard enough.

However, many women came forward in support of Sara after watching the video on Tiktok and Sara also thanked whoever stayed up with her.

You can find the video on Sara’s TikTok account @sarabethliebe, and she has more than 204.6k fans there. She shows off her life and her singing skills in her account.

Besides this, Judge Perry has not said anything about what happened since Sara replied on TikTok.

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