Want to know about Robert Jensen’s net worth? Yes, we are talking about the Getting Off author, who is currently making a lot of headlines for his romantic relationship. It’s been going on for a long time with Eliza Gilkyson. Keeping that aside, fans are lately wondering how much Robert has earned so far. Not everyone knows that he is a former professor too. Well, that seems to have served as the primary source of his income in the early days. But how much is it? That’s the main question. To know that, you must know how significant Robert Jensen has been in his field. 

Talking about Robert Jensen, not everyone knows that he used to teach at the University of Texas, at Austin. Right now, he is in his 60s, still having extreme knowledge of media law and journalism. Well, knowledge is something that always stays with you and never goes away. Right? 

Little did you know, Robert Jensen is a versatile author too. Have you not read his 2007 writeup- “Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity”? It’s worth reading. Also, you must give a reading to his latest published work- An Inconvenient Apocalypse. 

Coming back to Robert Jensen’s monetary earnings, the professor has earned a lot through his service at the prestigious organization mentioned above. His authorship works now turn out to be the secondary source, though. How much is it? If you are looking for what Robert Jensen’s net worth is, here is what we know.

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Robert Jensen Net Worth: Earnings Revealed 

Talking about his monetary earnings, Robert Jensen’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $4 million. As mentioned earlier, a major portion of his income came from Robert’s service as a professor at the University of Texas. He is well-educated and a knowledgeable person. He pursued his education at the University of Minnesota. Over the years, Robert Jensen’s net worth has increased. Well, you must know that the sources of his income have changed. Now, he is more into writing his thoughts on various topics. Because of his knowledge and ideas, his annual salary is also believed to be quite high. 

Robert Jensen Net Worth
Robert Jensen (Credit: YouTube)

Being his fan, you must read some of Robert’s great works. In case you are new and are wondering, the list includes- The Heart of Whiteness: confronting race, racism, and white privilege; Arguing for our lives; and The Restless and Relentless Mind of Wes Jackson: Searching for Sustainability. Among these three, did you read any?

With Robert Jensen’s net worth being huge, the former professor and now an author has invested a huge part in his real estate property. The one where Robert stays with his family is luxurious enough and filled with well-equipped furniture. His service as a professor was for 26 years. That was pretty long! 

What about cars? Robert Jensen seems to be a private person. Whenever he is free, he is found busy with his thesis or writeups. That’s what he does or invests his time most in. Not to forget to mention, the Getting Off author doesn’t prefer flaunting much. However, based on his earnings, we assume that Robert Jensen’s wealth also includes a few luxurious branded cars. Specifically, it’s not known. But we shall update Robert’s car collection soon. 

When it comes to the other sources, Robert Jensen’s net worth also gets added up with a handsome amount from his other services. Like what? Well, he also sits on the editorial board of the academic journal, titled- Sexualization, Media, and Society. This earns him not just money but also great prestige from people. 

Good wishes to Robert Jensen! Make sure you follow the Getting Off author on his social media account for more relatable updates. 

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