Robert Brown Health After Being Jailed For 13 Years

Robert Brown health update: He may be fine, and people are concerned about it. So, here’s more info you need to know about his murder case.

Robert Brown, a former British Airways captain, hit his estranged wife Joanna Simpson with a hammer over the head 14 times before concealing her body.

Furthermore, Robert was given a 26-year sentence in 2011 but is due to be released in November without parole or risk assessment. Due to this, Joanna’s family is in shock.

Joanna’s mother, Dianna Parkes, said her daughter’s death was a life-changing tragedy. Also, a Campaign has been released to stop the early release of Brown. 

Parkes was joined by Carrie Johnson, who is also calling on Dominic Raab to intervene over Robert’s release.

Robert Brown Health After Being Jailed For 13 Years

Robert Brown is due for automatic release in November, having served 13 years in jail. Due to the news, people are eager to know about his health problems as Brown was deemed to pose a severe menace to the public still.

Moreover, Brown was blocked from moving to an open jail in 2022 because he was deemed to be too dangerous. He was kept confined in a Category C prison.

Due to that, some may have speculated that Brown may be suffering from some mental illness. However, there is no fact about it, but there is some news of Brown suffering from adjustment disorder. 

Adjustment disorder is said to be an emotional or behavioral reaction to a stressful circumstance or change in a person’s life.

Robert Brown Age: How Old Is He? Case Details

Robert Brown is 59 years old as of 2023. By profession, Brown served at British Airways as a captain. Further details about his profession and other family members remain unknown.

However, we know that Brown was married to his wife, Joanna Simpson. Moreover, his name came into the spotlight when Brown killed Simpson in 2010. 

In 2010, Robert arrived at the Ascot House of Joanna. He was returning their two kids after a half-term visit. The kids ran inside the family room, leaving Brown and Simpson in the hallway.

Brown reportedly took a hammer he’d packed in the kids’ bag and bludgeoned Joanna continually. There were injuries on Simpson’s hands and arms, where Simpson defended herself, and fractures and double ruptures on her eyes and cheeks, nose and skull.

Their daughter said she heard a “bang, bang, bang” noise as the blows fell. It is reported that Brown lifted Joanna’s body into the back of his Volvo and covered her in plastic sheeting. After that, he returned to the house to detach the phone, remove the CCTV system, then collect the kids.

As they drove away, their son asked if Robert was going to take Simpson to the hospital, but he dropped them at his house with his current partner, Stephanie.

In May 2011, Simpson’s family and friends expected a murder conviction and a life sentence for Robert. Likewise, Brown was found not guilty of murder and pleaded guilty to killing with diminished responsibility. 

As said earlier, Simpson is set to automatic release in November 2023 without parole or risk assessment. 


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