Riley Keough's family is impressed by her strength after the death of her mother, Lisa.

Riley Keough has been absolutely remarkable in this difficult time. Her inner strength and resilience have not gone unnoticed by her family, especially amid the loss of Lisa Marie Presley. They couldn’t be more proud!

Riley is embracing the charge and taking a huge role in her family’s estate posthumously. She’s been right there with loved ones, helping to honor Lisa Marie through funeral arrangements & handling her will while providing solace for those left behind – including Grandma Priscilla Presley!

Riley Keough, actress, and daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough is a family woman through and through. Not only does she cherish her role as eldest to twins Finley & Harper, but tragically Riley also must bear the heartache that comes with being sister to late brother Benjamin. Benjamin passed away in 2020 at age 27. Even still, it’s nothing compared to what her parents have endured. They divorced in 1994, followed by an amicable but unsuccessful 10-year marriage between Lisa Marie and Michael Lockwood, after which they parted ways in 2016.

Riley and Ben Smith-Petersen have welcomed a bundle of joy into the world – their adorable baby girl! The happy couple announced their news at an emotional memorial service for Lisa Marie, who sadly passed away earlier this month.

We can all look to Riley for a sterling example of strength and bravery. But beyond that, the insight from this insider gives us some tremendous clues into what makes her so special. She’s always been a leader – someone clear-headed enough to make tough decisions with big impacts. She was an integral part of Lisa Marie Presley’s life before her passing – clearly holding deep significance as we reflect on it now.

Graceland, the Memphis, Tennessee, estate constructed by Lisa Marie’s father, Elvis Presley, was passed down to her children following Lisa Marie’s demise. The singer of “Lights Out” was Priscilla’s and the late rock legend’s lone kid, who died at the age of 42 in 1977. The former Marco Garibaldi and the Dallas star also had a son together, Navarone Garibaldi, 35.

Last month, Priscilla challenged Lisa Marie’s will on the grounds that a 2016 addendum that had already been included had an invalid signature. Priscilla claimed that she and Barry Siegel, Lisa Marie’s former business manager, were co-trustees of the estate before an addendum replaced them in favor of Riley and Benjamin in a court document acquired by Us.

After her brother’s untimely death, Riley had been appointed the sole trustee of their grandmother’s living trust. However, Priscilla recently accused someone forged an amendment to this will without notifying Riley – something which should have occurred according to its terms. No response has been made so far from our New York native about these newfound allegations against her.

Priscilla sadly confirmed the passing of her beloved daughter Lisa Marie after she was rushed to the hospital due to a cardiac arrest. In an emotional statement, Priscilla called her a passionate, strong and loving woman, asking for privacy as everyone comes together during this difficult time. The family appreciates all your love and prayers at such a sad moment in their lives.


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