Popular Yoruba movie star, Bimbo Success, has stated that insufficient training is to blame for actors’ lack of flexibility in the industry.

Speaking in an interview with The Punch, she claimed that some actresses believe that having money is all they need to produce a successful film.

Bimbo said that the wealthy actresses who make movies without formal training are to blame for the industry’s loss of substance.

She said;

“It is lack of training (that makes actors not to be flexible in interpreting their roles). There are some people in the industry who do not go for training. There are some ladies, who shot movies just because they had money. They would go behind closed doors to do the movie without prior training. Once they have money, they produce films, even without knowing the job.”

Speaking on how far she had come in the industry, Success said;

“I have achieved a lot in the movie industry. Some people appreciate me. I got married when I was in the industry and I know many people in the industry. My husband, Saheed Oscar, is a director in the industry.”

The graduate of Mass Communication, Olabisi Onabanjo University, also stated that the course had impacted her career.

In her words;

“It is good to be educated. It tells a lot on one’s career. Some people are surprised that I went to school. After I completed my youth service in Bayelsa State, I posted my certificate and my uniform on social media. When people watch my movies, they would think that I did not attend school,” she added.


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