Puss In The Boots

After more than a decade of anticipating the release of a new addition to the Shrek movie universe, the wait is finally over!

After the enormous theatrical success of the Shrek movie with four movies in its collection, the Shrek universe released its new film featuring the brave feline Puss in Boots in 2011. Following the success of Puss In The Boots (2011), a few other small-screen films were released featuring Puss in Boots as the main hero.

After more than a decade’s worth of wait, Universal Pictures is finally back with the second feature film Puss In The Boots: The Last Wish (2022), following Puss in Boots on a wild new adventure!

InformationPuss In The Boots: The Last Wish (2022)
DirectorJoel Crawford, Januel Mercado
ProducerMark Swift
Written ByMark Swift, Tommy Swerdlow, Tom Wheeler
CastAntonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Florence Pugh
IMDb Ratings7.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings9.7/10
Running Time102 Minutes
Release DateDecember 21, 2022 (USA)
GenreAdventure, Comedy, Animation
Where to WatchTheater, Peacock
Production CompanyDreamWorks Animations
Distributed ByUniversal Pictures
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Where to Watch?

Following the consequences of the pandemic and the fluctuation of interest towards theatrically released cinema, the makers of Puss In The Boots: The Last Wish (2022) took a long time discussing the medium of the film distribution and release.

The movie’s initial release was decided to be theatrically and was released on December 21, 2022 (USA). But upon a decision made by DreamWorks and Universal Pictures, it has been decided to release the movie for online streaming through the platform Peacock.

Viewers can anticipate watching the movie a little longer as the digital release may take around 30-45 days. So, by late January or early February, we will be able to stream Puss In The Boots: The Last Wish (2022) from our homes.

Chart of availability on streaming platforms:

Platform NameAvailability 
Amazon PrimeNo

Watch Puss In The Boots: The Last Wish (2022) Trailers–

Reveals from the first trailer:

In the first trailer, we see Puss in Boots fighting off a giant which attacked and wreaked havoc in a town. Puss in Boots fights off the hints by wrapping a large tower bell around the giant. But unfortunately, the bell falls on Puss in Boots and takes his life. After returning to life by reviving, Puss in Boots finds out that he has only one life left after recalling the story of all eight deaths. Upon discovering only one remaining life, Puss in Boots is seen embarking on a new journey making his last life count with Kitty Softpaws by his side.

Reveals from the second trailer:

After discovering only one life left to spare, Puss in Boots decides to take shelter at Mama Luna’s cat rescue. Puss in Boots is forced to make this decision because he’s made many enemies throughout his life through many adventures. Some of his previous enemies are still hunting him and are willing to take his life. Puss in Boots takes shelter at Mama Luna’s and blends in with the other ordinary cats, which turns out to be a tough challenge for him. But within a few days, Goldilocks and the Three Bears appear at Mama Luna’s to search for Puss in Boots. Puss in Boots escapes the rescue and embarks on an adventure running from the grasp of his enemies with a newfound friend from the cat’s rescue.

Reveals from the third trailer:

From the first scenes of the third trailer, we see Puss in Boots leaving behind his identity as himself by making a grave with his belongings. Puss in Boots takes shelter in a retired cat’s home called Mama Luna’s. After spending his time there, he finds out about a wishing star that has descended upon the earth. Puss in Boots escapes the cat’s home and seeks the wishing star for his last wish. In his journey, he even asks his longtime opponent Kitty Softpaws. In his journey of seeking the wishing star, he faced many challenges and battles with enemies who wished to take his life.

Film Summary:

Puss in the Boots, who takes pride in his heroic abilities and nine lives, finally discovers that he has only one life left. Due to facing the threat of many enemies from his past adventures he takes shelter in a retired cat’s home. Puss in Boots soon finds out that there’s an opportunity for him to get his final wish accepted by a wishing star. The movie lets us follow Puss in Boots on his one last adventure with everything at stake and along with newfound friendships.

Plot Synopsis:

The movie Puss In The Boots: The Last Wish (2022) takes place in the timeline after the movie “Shrek Forever After.”

Puss in the Boots is seen defeating a large giant attacking a town and wrecking havoc; Puss in the Boots defeats the giant by wrapping a large tower bell around the giant, demobilizing him. After defeating the giant, the large tower bell accidentally falls on Puss in the Boots taking his life.

In the next scene, Puss in the Boots wakes up in a clinic where a doctor does his checkup. The doctor asks Puss in the Boots how many lives he has left. Puss in the Boots answers carelessly and thinks he has many lives left.

But soon after recalling the previous deaths, Puss in the Boots discovers that he has only one life left, this being his last.

Puss in the Boots is heavily affected by his discovery and becomes depressed. He is aware of the lurking threat of the enemies he made from his previous adventures. Each of his enemies was capable of taking the life of Puss in the Boots.

Puss in the Boots stumbles across a leaflet of a retired cat home, also known as Mama Luna’s Cat Rescue. He then decides to live the rest of his life as an ordinary cat in the cat rescue.

Puss in the Boots buries his belongings, says goodbye to his identity, and arrives at Mama Luna’s dressed as an ordinary cat.

After spending some time at the rescue, Puss in Boots comes across a dog dressed as a cat and befriends him. But within a short time, one of Puss in the Boots’ longtime enemies, Goldilocks and the Three Bears Crime Family, arrives at the cat rescue looking for him.

But after Goldilocks and others find his Puss in the Boots’ grave, they reveal some information about the wishing star. Within a short time after this discovery, he finds out Jack Horner had a map locating the wishing star.

Puss in the Boots goes to steal the map, where he meets Kitty Softpaws unexpectedly, who is still holding grudges against him. Puss in the Boots and Kitty Softpaws make a narrow escape from Goldilocks and Jack after getting ahold of the map. But Puss starts having hallucinations of the Wolf.

After heading to the dark forest with the map, Puss in the Boots, Kitty Softpaws, and the dog named Perrito find out that the map reveals different paths for each of them. Perrito leads the group with the easiest route. But Perrito gets caught by Jack, whom Kitty and Puss had successfully fought off. But as a result of the fight, they lost the map to Goldilocks.

Puss confides in Perrito about his entangled past with Kitty, which Kitty overhears and has some reveals of her own. The trio finds the map again, but Perrito is captured, and Puss is lost in the Cave of Lost Souls. In the cave, Puss encounters the Wolf, who reveals that he is dead and has seen all of Puss’s later lives and wishes to kill Puss.

On the other hand, Goldilocks reveals her wish to ask for a real family, which hurts the bear family.

Puss escapes from the Wolf and reaches the wishing star. Just as Puss is about to make his wish, he is stopped by Kitty calling him out on his selfishness. Puss reveals that Death has been after him all this time.

Puss and Kitty are interrupted and attacked by Jack and Goldilocks. Kitty throws Jack into his never-ending nanny bag, and Goldilocks saves Baby Bear right before he’s thrown off the star.

Puss finally encounters Death and tries fighting him with all his will. Death is shocked by the interpersonal change within Puss and retreats from the fight. Death retreats because he is shocked as Puss doesn’t fear him anymore, but warns Puss that he will come back soon. Within that short period, Kitty and Puss reconnect and reconcile.

Within a short time, Jack re-emerges from the bag, having eaten a cookie that maximized his size. Just as Jack is about to make a wish at the star, he is stopped by Puss, Goldilocks, and Kitty, who rips up the map.

As a result, the star breaks down and goes back into space, killing Jack.

In the end, Puss, Kitty, and Perrito leave and embark on a new adventure, where Goldilocks also separates and leaves.

The End.

Is it Worth it?

This movie is a must-watch if you are a longtime fan of the Shrek universe and have Cathie dip on all their films. Puss In The Boots: The Last Wish (2022), one of the most recent movies from the Shrek universe, introduced heightened graphical content bound to enthrall the viewers.

If you have watched Puss In The Boots (2011), you must be aware of the developed relationship between Kitty and Puss. But Puss In The Boots: The Last Wish (2022) gives you a glimpse of their future. It is revealed how their relationship had turned sour, but through the movie, the couple seems to reconcile and form a stronger bond.

Puss In The Boots: The Last Wish (2022) is for sure worth it for the viewers as it is a movie that shows in depth the character development of Puss and his struggles with facing the reality of life and Death. This cinematic experience is one that you cannot miss!

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