There are always controversies on the rise, some about celebrities, some about TV stars or hosts, some about politicians, and whatnot. You are significantly less likely to find a time when the world is tranquil; for Phillip Schofield, too, controversies have been on the rise for a while now.

His recent exit from the show ‘The Morning’ that he was a part of for almost 21 years only raised more questions about him. But keeping that aside, we are here for a different topic today: his net worth. Even though he has been to be followed up by controversy, his work has been liked by the people and television audience quite a bit too!

His contribution to the TV industry cannot be denied as he has given a significant number of years of his life to ‘Dancing on the Ice’ and ‘This Morning’. Hailing from Newquay, Cornwall, a historic part of England, Schofield was born on the 1st of April, 1962 (Yup, April 1st). He was born to a couple, Briand and Pat Schofield, who were always very supportive of him and the decisions he decided to make for himself.

His father is known to have died in 2005, May but his mother continues to live in Cornwall, and he keeps connected to her, also sharing an exceptionally good bond with her! Philip is known to have committed to working in the television industry from a young age writing dozens of letters to BBc so that they would hire him, and he finally gets the job in 1979 at the age of seventeen years old. 

A photo of Phillip during the shooting of Going Live!
A photo of Phillip during the shooting of Going Live! (Source; The Guardian)

He worked for the BBC initially as a booking and tea boy; he would later move to New Zealand for a bit of time to work there as a presenter for the show ‘Shazam!’ from the years 1982-85, after which he returned to BBC and worked as a children’s show presenter in shows like ‘Go Live!’, and as host for ‘Smash Hits Poll Winners Party’ with time as he and his work grew more mature Schofield started working in more adult-oriented shows such as ‘Ten Ball’ and ‘Talking Show Numbers.’

He further went on to co-host the ITV show ‘This Morning’ as a temporary host. The main audience for the show, though, loved having him as a host! Leading him to secure a position for himself there, working there from 2002-2023. Schofield was working as a host for different award shows during the time, too, along with games shows, and was also a co-host for the show ‘Dancing on the Ice’ for different periods of time and with different co-hosts.

Phillip Schofield’s Net Worth

From the time this television show host was seventeen to his current age of sixty-one, he has done so much more and made a place for himself in the hearts of so many it is only likely he has made a good net worth too. Phillip Schofield’s net worth is a starking $12 Million. 

From working with a radio show to working with shows that have a worldwide reach, this boy from Newquay has made a lot of progress and built himself into where he stands today. Working at BBC as a ticket boy and then going on to host many children’s shows, giving him the exposure he needed and gaining him a place in an ITV show, ‘This Morning,’ with amazing feedback from the audience.

In the meanwhile, he was never seen to rest, going around taking many different jobs and hosting various different shows such as ‘The Cube’, ‘Shazam!’, ‘National Lottery Winning Lines’ and ‘I am a celebrity…get me out here!’.

It was in 2006 that Schofield earned Schofield a two-year contract with ITV which is known to have been somewhere around $6 Million during that time, with his co-host Holly Willoughby having an equal salary of something around $920,000 for the show ‘This Morning’ and he also worked with the show ‘Dancing on Ice’ earning around $240,000 for each episode that he was working. Schofield also published a book known by the name “Life’s What You Make It,” which is known to have made him a good amount of money, too, something around $1.78 Million.

He was also seen working with the ITV show called ‘How To Spend It Well…’ and has hosted the British Soap Awards each year since the year of 2006. Schofield has covered some major royal events too, including Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding for ITV. Some major advertising work by him includes some advertisements for ‘We Buy Any Car’, which is known to have earned him something around $1.2 Million. 

Phillip Schofield and his Family
Phillip Schofield with his wife and children (Source: Instagram)

Talking about his family and their properties together, Schofield married his wife, Stephanie Lowe, in the year of 1993; both of them have been married for almost three decades and have two children together, two daughters. The elder one is named Molly and is working as Assistant Talent Manager, and the younger daughter is named Ruby, who has recently completed her undergraduate in Psychology.

Philip and his wife co-own a production company by the name of Fistral Productions, which is seen to only add to his net worth. He and his family own three houses; one is their luxurious family home in Oxfordshire, a holiday home in Portugal where they spend their holidays, and also a bachelor pad that is known to be currently living and which costs around $2.4 Million. 

Major Shows Schofield is Known For

1. This Morning (2002-2023)

This Morning is a magazine program broadcasted on television in British and Ireland. It came out first in the year 1988 and has been going on still. Since the time that this show first came out, it has been hosted by various different presenters, but Schofield has been here for almost two decades, and when he decided to leave the show, it might not have been a shock, but it definitely saddened a number of people.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have been co-hosting the show together for almost thirteen years at this point. Different people have different opinions on why Schofield decided to leave the show, some even going on to say that he was sacked. The show broadcasts interviews, competitions, and lots of different news and is widespread in a way that has made Schofield a household name. 

A still from This Morning

A still from This Morning showing Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby (Source: YouTube)

2. Dancing on Ice (2006-2023)

There are a lot of reality television shows where you must have seen celebrities dancing along with professional dancers, but in Dancing on Ice, as the name states, they are taking things to a different level and making the celebrities dance on ice.

Even though there obviously are professional dancers along with the celebrities, it must indeed be hard for the celebrities to dance on ice. This show was co-hosted by Philip Schofield from the time it premiered in 2006-2011; it went through a break for around four years and came back in 2016 once again to be hosted by Phili along with a co-host. 

Dancing on Ice
Philip Schofield on Dancing on Ice (Source; YouTube)

The number of bad publicity Schofield is facing right now has caused his career to take a blow. Even though that is the case, he has said that his family is supporting him through the tough time he is facing right now and pushing him to keep persisting. 

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