One Piece Chapter 1085 is the upcoming chapter for this gigantic series and while the chapter is still days ahead from being released after a break in the previous issue, however, the initial spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1085 thanks to the leakers have started to come forward.

This upcoming One Piece Chapter is definitely better than the last one with so much discussion of how the world government came into existence and possibly revealing the reality behind it as we move forward. It was surely a chapter filled with a lot of info and building for a greater chapter even ahead. 

We might learn a few things about the meaning of “D” from possibly the main villain of One Piece who sits on the empty throne of the great Imu. This development will surely shock the fans and let’s just hope to learn at least a few things about a few mysteries. Given that the current story is from the perspective of Sabo who is narrating the truth about that day, we might not get into depth.

Then again, we are in the last arc of One Piece and Oda is pretty intent on letting us know a lot about the mysteries of this franchise. Let’s just hope he shows us what is the will of the “D” or at least gives us a hint about it so the fandom could start theorizing about it.

Nevertheless, the latest chapter had a lot of the events among this and it depicts a great narration of an action and storytelling chapter. So, let us dive into the full summary and a detailed recap for One Piece Chapter 1084 before taking a look at what the upcoming chapter is going to be like from the brief spoilers. Having mentioned that, here we bring you the latest updates on the One Piece manga series.

One Piece Chapter 1084 Full Summary And Spoilers
Weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue 25 cover!

One Piece Chapter 1084 Full Summary

One Piece Chapter 1084 will be featured in the 25th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine and we are glad to inform you that Luffy will be on the cover of the issue this week. In addition to this, instead of a cover page, One Piece Chapter 1084 will feature a colored double spread this week.

This double spread for One Piece Chapter 1084 features almost all the known female characters that have been displayed in One Piece that have had a significant role in a particular arc, from Straw Hat’s Nami to Yamato from the Wano country. Check out the double spread from the upcoming chapter below.

One Piece Chapter 1084 Cover page
One Piece Chapter 1084 Cover page!

The title of the One Piece Chapter 1084 is “The Attempted Murder of a Celestial Dragon,” and the chapter continues with the current event on the land of Mary Geoise with the revolutionary army’s raid to free the slaves and, particularly, Kuma. The chapter begins with Sabo inside the Panega castle which is located in the middle of Mary Geoise, and he is taking the guards down inside the castle.

There, Sabo is confronted by Jewelry Bonney, and the latter says that they are after the same thing on this island so they need not have an introduction. Moving forward, we see that the two go further inside the castle, and Sabo mentions that he has always heard Kuma having a daughter, whereas Bonney says that she has always been looking out for what’s been happening with Revolutionary Army and this she trusts him to get Kuma’s body along with them.

Karasus comes to Sabo, and the latter gives Karasu the key to the slave’s collar mentioning that they could free the slaves and get out of there as soon as possible. Sabo mentions that he will catch up with them soon, and he asks what Bonney will do. The latter responds that she will go to Egghead Island to get Kuma’s memories from Vegapunk, and before she can say anything, Sabo takes her, jumping off on the upper floor as the guards were coming closer to them.

The guards mention something going on inside the Phantom room, and Sabo takes an interest. Before the narrative switches, Sabo and Bonney part ways.

King Cobra Demands Answers From The Five Elders

Coming to the main part of One Piece Chapter 1084, the Five Elders ask what King Cobra wants to ask from them. King Cobra begins asking what he wants, but before that, he builds the question up mentioning the formation of the World government. He mentions how the World government came to be after the monarchs from the 20 different nations came together around 800 years ago, and they moved to Mary Geoise to live as a single clan referred to as Celestial Dragons.

Since then, they have ruled over the world and to ensure that every one of them was equal and to ensure that a dictator won’t rise up among them, they installed an empty throne and place their swords around it as a symbol to never sit on the throne.

And the regions that the founders could not get their hands upon directly, they installed royal families to rule this nation, and those royal families are still in power to this day. The smooth transition has been going on thanks to also eradicating any old references to the founder’s previous reign that were also removed from their respective countries.

King Cobra then mentions the main part and that he mentions that among the 20 founders, there was also a Queen from his region, known as Lili Nefertari, and despite being one of the founders, she did not stay on Mary Geoise to become a Celestial Dragon. Since she was to be returned to the Arabasta, the reign of the Nefertari family has been in the Arabasta Kingdom.

Thus, it also means that there are only 19 weapons besides the empty throne. The Five Elders’ response to this explanation is that King Cobra is correct, but what is his point to which King Cobra replies that he has looked through the ancient texts, and all of them have one thing in common and which is Lili’s name hasn’t been mentioned once.

He says that Queen Lili never made it home, and her brother took over the country ever since and King Cobra asks if they have any record of the latter. The elders responded by saying that 800 years is a long time, and they have no idea what exactly happened, but it is believed that Queen Lili made it to Arabasta, and her motives after that are lost to history.

As the conversation continues we see a silhouette of Imu. King Cobra then moves on to a new question asking what is the meaning of “D”. The elder responds why he wants to know about it and in response the King says that there has been a letter penned by Queen Lili from generations in the family but before he could say something more, they feel the presence of someone in the room.

Revolutionary Army Mureders a Celestial Dragon And Imu Makes Their Appearance In Front Of King Cobra

Before the conversation could go any further we see that on Mary Geoise, Charlos is intent on making Shirahoshi as his slave and has caught her as well thanks to his slave Kuma. However, soon Shirhoshi’s brother comes to her aid saying that he will rescue her and get her back to their country.

We see that Shirhoshi’s brother is ready to hit the Celestial Draong after dodging some attacks from the Slave Kuma and he even asks the celestial dragon Mjosgard about it where he responds that he will take full responsibility for it but stops him from hitting him because Fukaboshi is royalty and the consequences will dire as they have a country to look after and says that let the pirates handle it.

Thus, the Revolutionary members make an entrance, particularly Sai and Leo and they attack Charlos which results in the Charlos dying. Morley soon appears holding Kuma as Karasu also makes his appearance saying that he has the key and they are ready to leave anytime.

The last page of One Piece Chapter 1084, sees the situation from the phantom room continue where we see Imu making their presence in front of King Cobra going up to the staircase on the empty room surprising the elders who mention that King Cobra is still here. King Cobra is shocked to see Imu mentioning “Lili” and before sitting on the empty throne.

One Piece Chapter 1084 Full Summary And Raw Scans
CC: Greiish for Coloring!

One Piece Chapter 1084 was a great chapter and filled a lot of info given that we got to see Imu saying their first-ever words means we could expect more from the upcoming chapter and from this character. Following a break in the previous issue, One Piece Chapter 1085 will be returning in the 27th issue which is scheduled to be released on Monday, June 4th, 2023.

However, as mentioned earlier, the spoilers for the chapter are out already and while it is only a brief info as of this writing, it says a lot about what to expect from the upcoming chapter. Imu might be the villain of One Piece after all and from the mining context available for One Piece Chapter 1085, it seems Imu might be the epitome of the Celestial Dragons hating on the people with the name of the D.

Speaking of which, the theories about the “D” might finally be coming to an end as Oda is pretty intent on revealing what this mysterious letter could mean. So with that being said, let us dive into the spoilers available for One Piece Chapter 1085. 

One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers

After the release of the 26th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the leakers for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1085 started to give the hint about the chapter with one of them even mentioning the letter “D”. Only an hour ago this writing, the initial spoilers for the One Piece Chapter 1085 are out as well.

The upcoming One Piece Chapter 1085 will be titled “Death Of Nefetari Cobra” and as the title of the chapter suggests fans will likely see the death of the aforementioned character. However, Nefetari Cobra will see something that will probably shock the One Piece franchise. 

Imu Attacks King Cobra And Sabo

The spoilers for the chapter begin by saying that Imu will be attacking Sabo and King Cobra. Especially in the spoilers it was mentioned that they will be attacking the said characters with a black arrow. Moving forward as per the One Piece Chapter 1085 spoilers we see that Imu learns of Wapol’s existence and that the latter is spying on the former.

This makes Wapol run away from Imu. The next statement for the One Piece Chapter 1085 spoilers reveal that Vivi has been ordered to be captured and thus we will be seeing the CP0 capturing her. Wapol’s role in the chapter hasn’t ended yet as the spoilers say that we will be seeing him getting in the same room with CP0 and Vivi.

This explains how Wapol and Vivi are together and are on Morgan’s ship. Well only partially as it will be interesting to see how these two will make their escape. 

King Cobra’s Dying Statment About the “D”

While the spoilers begin with Imu attacking King Cobra and Sabo, mind you that the spoilers are only a very short statement and we could see King Cobra learning about “D” and about his ancestor Lili because the spoilers reveal something bigger about the Nefetari family.

The last available spoiler for One Piece Chapter 1085 reveals that King Cobra asks Sabo to tell Vivi and Luffy that “We are from the family of the “D”.

This statement will naturally be on the verge of Nefetari’s dead to tell Sabo or it might be something that the former bet his life on to convey these words even if it meant death to him. Given that King Cobra now knows that he is from the D family and spoilers also mention that Vivi and Luffy might be cousins or relatives, King Cobra surely must have learned about it from Imu or the five elders.

It seems like we are going to learn more about the void century and other stuff before the final phase in Egghead Island takes place. As of now, we only have the brief spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1085, and moving forward, we can expect more to be revealed soon in the next two days before the full summary and the raw scans for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1085 are out by this Thursday, June 1st, 2023.

We surely be updating this article or making a new one until the new spoilers for the One Piece Chapter 1085 are out but until then, we recommend you to read a few more articles on our website or comment down your prediction for the upcoming chapter.

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