ONDC is an excellent option for customers who are looking for a cheaper alternative for ordering food online, know how to order and download the delivery app

Ordering food online has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years, but with the convenience comes the added cost of delivery fees and taxes, ming the total price of the order go up.

ONDC food delivery app platform, how to download, order in Delhi and Bengaluru, full form, price

To provide customers with a cheaper alternative, the Indian government backed the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), an open-source network that allows restaurants to sell their food directly without the need for middlemen like Swiggy or Zomato.

Where is ONDC available?

Since its launch in September 2022, ONDC has been gaining popularity and is now reportedly delivering over 10,000 orders per day. Many customers have been comparing the prices of ONDC with other food delivery platforms like Swiggy and Zomato and have found that ONDC offers comparatively cheaper prices.

However, it’s important to note that ONDC is not live in all cities and not all restaurants are available on the network.

ONDC was first made available in Bengaluru in September 2022. However, customers in other cities can still access the ONDC network through the Paytm app. However, restaurants in your area must be live on the network for you to order food.

The ONDC website has a list of pin codes across India where it is available, but the serviceability of a pin code depends on the specific buyer’s location in that pin code.

How to use ONDC?

Using ONDC is easy. Simply search for “ONDC” on the Paytm app, and the store will appear. The store has a variety of options ranging from groceries and cleaning essentials to the food store. If you want to order food from a restaurant, head over to the ONDC Food section and select the cuisine you want to order.

You will see a list of restaurants available, and you can place your order online just like with other food delivery platforms.

Benefits of ONDC

The primary benefit of ONDC is the cheaper prices compared to other food delivery platforms. This is because ONDC allows restaurants to sell their food directly without the need for middlemen, which reduces the commission and taxes charged by other food delivery platforms.

Another benefit of ONDC is that it is an open-source network, which means that anyone can use it to sell their services. This mes ONDC an excellent option for small businesses and startups that cannot afford the high commissions charged by other food delivery platforms.

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