The star-studded line-up of Norway Chess Tournament 2023 is set and raring to begin the campaign from today, we examine the list of players, participants, format, schedule, prize money and streaming details of the tournament

According to the official schedule, the 2023 Norway Chess will be held in Stavanger, Norway. This tournament’s blitz component will kick-off the event on May 29 at 18:00 CEST, and the classical event will commence on May 30 at 17:00 CEST.

Norway Chess 2023 schedule, date, time, players lineup, draw, tickets, prize money, live stream telecast

2023 Norway Chess schedule, date, time, venue, format, & participants

It is confirmed that ten participants will participate in the 2023 Norway Chess including the defending champion Magnus Carlsen. The Tournament is a round-robin competition with Armageddon format, where Berger tables will be used to perform the pairings. In this competition, there are nine classical rounds followed by a blitz event. In a match, each player will have 120 minutes, with 10-second increments, on the clock after move 40.

The players will be sent to Armageddon within 20 minutes of the draw if the traditional game is tied. Each game will have a winner since the black pieces will prevail in a tie-breer situation. As per the format, each victory in the main game will result in 3 points for the winner. Meanwhile, a player will receive 1.5 points if he draws in the main game but triumphs in Armageddon. Alternatively, the player can receive 1 point if he ties in the main game and loses in the Armageddon.

Day Date Time Round
Monday 29th May 11:30 PM IST Blitz Event
Tuesday 30th May 09:30 PM IST Round 1
Wednesday 31st May 09:30 PM IST Round 2
Thursday 1st June 09:30 PM IST Round 3
Friday 3rd June 09:30 PM IST Round 4
Sunday 4th June 09:30 PM IST Round 5
Monday 5th June 09:30 PM IST Round 6
Tuesday 6th June 09:30 PM IST Round 7
Wednesday 8th June 09:30 PM IST Round 8
Thursday 9th June 09:30 PM IST Round 9

Norway Chess 2023: prize money & participants list

The 11th edition of the Norway Chess Super Tournament, which tes place from May 30 to June 9, has an exciting lineup that was released by the tournament’s organizers. Magnus Carlsen, a five-time winner, is in the lead, but top young players like Alireza Firouzja and Gukesh, along with seasoned competitors like Hikaru Namura and Fabio Caruana, will give him a tough fight.

Each player who earns the same number of points will receive an equal share of the cash awards. This won’t apply to the top prize, though. It is known that the tournament’s total prize pool is 2,500,000 NOK and the prize money will be distributed in the following manner:

Rank  Prize Money (in NOK)
1 750,000
2 400,000
3 250,000
4 200,000
5 180,000
6 170,000
7 160,000
8 140,000
9 130,000
10 120,000


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